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Biological Networks

chem_research_networks02.pngMy laboratory studies complex biological phenomena using various experimental and computational approaches to draw relationships between genes and metabolites and the drugs and contaminants that perturb them. We use DNA chip (gene expression microarray) technology, Q-PCR, fluorescent microscopy, hyperspectral imagery, and mammalian, fungal, and bacterial cell culture to address problems of interest to the military and the general scientific community. The lab is well-equipped and well funded; the lab is run by and for cadets. We collaborate with faculty at Yale, NIH, CMU, ARL-SEDD, ERDC-EL and other places. Our cadets routinely attend summer research opportunities at these and other locations. Our cadets have been awarded external fellowships and have been accepted to tier one medical schools such as Harvard.

chem_research_networks01.pngPoint of Contact:
Dr. J. Kenneth Wickiser
Bartlett Hall Room 400C
For more information please visit