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Prospective Faculty

About our Program
Our Department faculty consists of active-duty military officers as well as civilian administrators and academics.  The information on this page, however, is specific to military service members interested in teaching in the Department. Qualified civilians interested in employment through the Department should look for job listings on the USA Jobs website ( and the normal, discipline-specific listings (e.g. MLA and APA sponsored sites).  In terms of our rotating military faculty, we actively seek variety in terms of both basic branch and commissioning source.  Officers are selected based upon a distinguished pattern of military performance, as well as the ability to gain acceptance and succeed at a top graduate program.  Upon selection, officers will attend graduate school for a full two years under the Army’s Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) Program in order to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy or English.  Subsequent teaching assignments range from two to three years, based upon the selected officer’s career timeline.
To be eligible to compete for a position on the faculty, officers must have successfully completed the career course and company-level command (or branch specific equivalent) prior to their scheduled start date for graduate school.  The competing officer’s service record should indicate a pattern of performance such that their basic branch is willing to nominate them to the USMA faculty.  Officers deemed promotion risks are generally not offered nomination to the faculty.  Careful consideration of potential military faculty starts about two years before the start of ACS.
Our current search is identifying officers from YGs 09, 10, and 11 to start graduate school in the Fall of 2017.  Applications must be completed through the online application portal (W.E.S.T) no later than 1 January 2016 in order to be considered.  Detailed information on how to apply is available on this site under the section titled, Opening a File.
Available Positions
Position: Academic Instructor, Department of English and Philosophy

Description: Academic Instructors in the Department of English and Philosophy teach classes in the core curriculum.  Generally, an instructor will teach four sections each semester from the following list of courses: Basic Composition (EN101), Literature (EN102), Introduction to Philosophy (PY201), or Advanced Composition through Cultural Studies (EN302).  Each section typically ranges from 14-18 cadets.  Other duties, as assigned, could include academic engagement with other faculty and cadets, participation in cadet extra-curricular development, service to the department, or participation with one of the Department’s Cadet Fine Arts Forum clubs.

Requirements: Requirements for consideration include an outstanding pattern of military service, a BA or BS, and a level of academic accomplishment that will allow for competitive acceptance into top graduate programs in the fields of Philosophy or English.

Opening an Application File
Officers interested in competing for a teaching assignment in the Department of English and Philosophy should complete the initial interest application through the Web Enabled System and Tracking (WEST).  Click here to open an application file.

This web application system allows an applicant to simultaneously apply to multiple departments. If you are applying to more than one department, it is advised that you contact each department, as they may have different requirements for eligibility.
If you have already opened an application file, click here to access that file and make adjustments as necessary.  Be aware that you will need the UserID and password that was provided when you opened your application file.
If you have any questions or problems related to the WEST system, to include lost passwords or connection problems, you can email WEST technical support personnel at

Application requirements

 * Unofficial copies of all required documentation should be uploaded to WEST.  Do not mail paper copies to the department.  If selected, the Department may require official copies to be mailed prior to confirming your nomination.

In order to evaluate applicants, the Department requires the following:

1.    Official GRE scores (taken within five years of the scheduled start date for your graduate school class).  An unofficial copy should be uploaded to W.E.S.T.

2.    An official copy of undergraduate transcripts.  An unofficial copy should be uploaded to W.E.S.T.

3.    A current copy of your Officer Record Brief.

4.    Letters of Recommendation are not required, but encouraged to the extent that they are able to highlight academic and/ or military accomplishment or potential.  Letters of recommendation that speak to a candidate’s potential for graduate study are particularly useful.

5.    A candidate statement to the Department Head and faculty recruiting team.  The statement should indicate why the officer is interested in pursuing a faculty position at USMA and what scholarly interests motivate your desire to teach in the department.  More detailed information about the statement is available in the FAQ section of this webpage.

6.    All Officer Evaluation Reports and Academic Evaluation Reports.

7.    An informal photo or your DA photo.

8.    Any other information deemed relevant to the Faculty Selection Committee.


Contact Us
Please refer to this page and the frequently asked questions listed below.  If you need more information or you have any questions regarding your application file, please contact the Department Executive Officer for faculty recruiting using the information listed below:
Tim Leone
Major, Infantry, U. S. Army
Instructor, Department of English and Philosophy
United States Military Academy
Room 408, Building 607, West Point, NY 10996
845-938-2189 (Military DSN: 688)

Adam Karr
Major, Aviation, U. S. Army
Instructor, Department of English and Philosophy
United States Military Academy
Room 408, Building 607, West Point, NY 10996
845-938-1630 (Military DSN: 688)

Frequently Asked Questions
1.    What year groups are currently under consideration and when can those officers selected expect to start graduate school?
We are currently considering officers from Year Groups 09, 10, and 11.  If your career timeline does not meet these requirements by year group, but you are still interested in applying, please contact the XO listed above to see if an exception is possible and/ or appropriate. 
Selected officers can expect to receive offers from the Department between February and March of 2016.  Those officers can then expect to apply to graduate programs with an anticipated start date during August or September of 2017.  All officers selected must be available to start school according to that timeline.  Depending upon an officer’s year group and career timeline, a one year deferment may be offered at the discretion of the department.
2.    Is there a list of minimum requirements needed to be competitive for these positions?

No.  However, you must have a strong military record of service (generally an above center of mass evaluation profile), an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and competitive scores on the Graduate Readiness Examination (GRE).
3.    What is the approximate number of applicants each year?
The total number varies from year to year, but we generally have about 70 fully-qualified candidates competing for 7-8 slots.
4.    What is the deadline for completing my application through WEST?
Completed applications should be submitted to WEST NLT 1 January 2016.
5.    Where should I have official copies of my GRE scores and transcripts sent?
The Department may request official GRE scores and transcripts for selected applicants.  In the event that those items are requested, a mailing address will be provided at that time.
6.    I already completed a Master’s Degree; do I still need GRE scores to compete for selection?
In short, yes.  If you are applying to our program and intend to study through the Advanced Civil Schooling program, you must complete the GRE.  Previous graduate-level study reflects positively on a candidate, but does not alleviate the requirement to take the Graduate Record Exam.
The only exception to this rule is for those applicants that have already completed a discipline-appropriate degree and wish to teach in the Department as direct-hire candidates.  Direct-hire candidates do not attend Army funded schooling.  The Department has discretion as to whether a degree is satisfactory for consideration as a direct hire candidate.  If you have any questions in this regard, direct them to the point of contact listed above.
7.    What is your Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) for participation in this program?
There is a 3 year ADSO for every year of graduate school.  Accepting the ACS nomination effectively obligates you for 8 years; 2 years in graduate school, 3 years at USMA, 3 years in follow-on assignments.  
8.    What type of scores would I need on the GRE to be competitive?

Generally, your individual scores need to be above 157 to be competitive.  Getting over 166 distinguishes you in the discipline, while a score below 153 sometimes hurts.  Regardless, your military performance, your ability to write well, and your undergraduate record contribute significantly to the overall portrait of candidate files.
9.    What guidance can you give me with respect to completing my candidate statement?
The best way to think of the candidate statement is your opportunity to express to the Department Head (Colonel David Harper) and the rest of the selection board why you want to teach in the Department and what scholarly interests you wish to pursue through your graduate studies. Keep in mind that the candidate statement provides an opportunity to present a strong, professional image as well.  Please take appropriate care to proofread your statement.
Although there is no requirement for the form or length or the candidate statement, officers frequently submit the statement in memorandum format.  With respect to length, it is worth noting that length is not valued over substance.
10.  Is there any particular form I should use for completing my letters of recommendation?
There is no preferred form for the letters of recommendation, but a format is attached below for your use.  More importantly, the letters of recommendation should address the candidate’s potential for success as a military officer, but also their potential for success studying at the graduate level.  Obviously, not every letter must address each of these (as letters of recommendation from military service members may not be well situated to evaluate academic potential and visa versa).  However, as applicants solicit letters, it is recommended that they provide references capable of speaking to both.