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Dean's Corner
Trainor_m.jpgHello from West Point!

Best wishes from West Point. Thanks for visiting our website - we hope you find the information provided useful. As the 13th Dean of the Academic Board, I'm honored and truly excited to have the opportunity to help move the academic program forward.

The entire faculty is working together to provide and teach a curriculum that is both relevant for our future Army leaders as well as nationally recognized for its excellence. As societies develop, economies rise and fall, wars are fought based on cultural differences, and as information technology evolves, leaders and stewards of the academic program must continue to refine the "what" and "how" we teach. Successful leaders must be agile thinkers able to make valid assumptions, synthesize a broad array of information, and draw meaningful conclusions. This is what the academic program is about, liberally educating each graduate in a morally and ethically sound environment so that they are problem solvers who can lead and shape future changes to the benefit of our Army and our country.

On May 23, 2015 we graduated 994 graduates and enjoyed the remarks by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, GEN Martin E. Dempsey in which he reflected on their successes, sang parts of a Frank Sinatra classic and a pop hit by Bruno Marz and ultimately challenged them to go out and be exceptional officers and leaders of character with all of the trust of the American people.  This class' exceptionalism was demonstrated through its many accomplishments including 16 graduate scholarship winners and 23 new graduates heading to medical school.  This summer we have many faculty supporting Cadet Summer Training, 1,100 cadets scattering across the world on summer internships, and faculty assessing and revising the curriculum.  We continue to seek innovative ways to challenge our Cadets physically, militarily and academically.  Through the Academy's Curriculum Review effort we have adapted our curriculum to better prepare our graduates to meet the changing needs of our Army and our Nation.  This evolved curriculum will be the foundation for the physical, military and academic development of the Corps of Cadets, starting with the Class of 2019 reporting on R-Day, June 29, 2015.  Along with this new class of cadets, we are excited to receive the new faculty cohort that will report later this summer and look forward to them enhancing the cadets' learning through all of the new experiences they will bring.  With the beginning of the next Academic Year we look forward to accepting the Class of 2019 into the Corps of Cadets and continuing to educate, train and inspire the Classes of 2016, 2017, and 2018.


Timothy Trainor, Ph.D.
Brigadier General, U.S. Army
Dean of the Academic Board