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Cadet Staff SCUSA 67  (To be Updated)
Command Team
Name: Micah Clark
Class: 2015
Major: International Relations
SCUSA Position: Commander
What I like about SCUSA: Breaking down traditional barriers between the military and civilian lines of thought toward policy is a uniquely exciting aspect of SCUSA. The chance for future leaders in the military, government, and society to meet on an intellectual level and challenge one another's fundamental assumptions about the world is an unrivaled experience for students, cadets, officers, and professors who seek to shape that world through US policy.
Name: Kyle Fredrickson
Class: 2015
Major: Economics
SCUSA Position: Chief of Staff
What I like about SCUSA: I like seeing the interaction between the civilians and military personnel as they build new relationships and bridge the civil military relation gap.
Name: Lewis Chosewood
Class: 2016
Major: International Realtions
SCUSA Position: Command Sergeant Major
What I like about SCUSA:  I love working with all the civilians and military members in attendance in order to start building the framework of tomorrow's leaders in Civ-mil relationships.
Primary Staff
Name: Roberto Huie
Class: 2015
Major: Arabic and Human Geography
SCUSA Position: Personnel and Registration Officer
What I like about SCUSA: I think SCUSA gives us an opportunity to shape civil-military relations and generate open dialogue between student-scholars from all over the world.
Name: James Campbell
Class: 2016
Major: Environmental Geography
SCUSA Position: Security Officer
What I like about SCUSA: I love informing the people of the United States about what the United States Military has to offer other than just weapons and explosions. 
Name: Regina Parker
Class: 2016
Major: Mechanical Engineering and American Politics, Pre-Med
SCUSA Position: Operations Officer
What I like about SCUSA: Building relationships with civilian and military personnel from around the world who are committed to resolving domestic and international issues. 
Name: Sam Hartford 
Class: 2016
Major: Nuclear Engineering
SCUSA Position: Supply Officer
What I like about SCUSA: I like creating for our peers at civilian schools the opportunity to gain perspective on the military and its importance in policy decisions.
Name: Nathan Holt
Class: 2015
Major: Economics
SCUSA Position: Public Affairs Officer
What I like about SCUSA: I like working with a diverse team to put on the greatest conference of its kind in the country.
Name: Oliver Di Nallo
Class: 2016
Major: Mathematical Sciences and Interdisciplinary Science
SCUSA Position: Information Systems Officer
What I like about SCUSA: A chance for Cadets and Civilians to dialogue about important issues while bridging the Civ-Mil gap.
Name: Genna Gibbons
Class: 2016
Major: International History and Grand Strategy Minor
SCUSA Position: CPOC Coordinator
What I like about SCUSA: I love the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, seeing diverse groups of people from all intellectual backgrounds come together to discuss and “solve” global issues. 
Name: Nathaniel Pieringer
Class: 2016
Major: Environmental Science
SCUSA Position: Task Force Commander
What I like about SCUSA: SCUSA gives me the opportunity to lead my peers in support of an outstanding event.  It develops me and my subordinates as leaders working towards a common goal, while also granting us an occasion to meet and work with some of America's bright young minds.
Name: Jacob Andvik
Class: 2015
Major: American Politics and International History
SCUSA Position: Transportation Coordinator
What I like about SCUSA: I enjoy the opportunity to interface with people with a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences, and the ability to learn from them.