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Cyber Leader Development Program (CLDP) Overview

  • Identifies, develops, and tracks cyber leaders
  • Open to both West Point and ROTC Cadets
  • Encouraged for CS, IT, EE, and other Cyber-related students
  • Over 200 cadets currently in the program
  • Successful completion of the CLDP results in the award of Skill Identifier C1
CLDP provides a framework for Cadets to pursue 800+ hours of impactful experiences outside the classroom through internships, conferences, clubs, and seminars. Cadets in CLDP pursue opportunities to attend advanced cyber training offered by SANS, Cisco, and other organizations. See your mentor for guidance on how and what opportunities to pursue based on your level of proficiency. Cadets in CLDP will also be favorably considered for the most challenging, technical Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) opportunities at organizations such as the NSA, U.S. Cyber Command, U.S. Army Cyber Command, and other institutions that have a cyber operations mission.

CLDP Mentorship

USMA Cadets

  • Access your mentor's contact information here

ROTC Cadets

  • Receive mentorship and share cyber-related news and thoughts by signing up for the CLDP Listserv. Download our CLDPlistservInstructions.pdfCLDP Listserv Instructions and follow the instructions to join!

Required Documents for Candidates Seeking the C1 Identifier
  • Read the HRC Notification of Future Change for CLDP NOFC-0-1410-07-SI-C1.pdf 
  • Download the CLDP Progress Chart and discuss your progress with your mentor CLDP_Progress_Chart_v2.pdf
  • Record requirements with the digitally fillable Skill Identifier Request Worksheet C1SI-Request.pdf
  • Download the Endorsement Memo Template Endorsement_Memo_of_Cadet_for_C1_ASI.docx
  • Route your final DA4187 through ACI a4187.pdf

USMA Cadets: Seek your mentor's guidance in pursuing the C1 Identifier

ROTC Cadets: Send questions on pursuing the C1 Identifier to the CLDP Listserv (instructions above)