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We strive to influence the community of cyber professionals—practitioners, researchers, and leaders—to accept, understand, and value Army cyber issues as meaningful targets of study and problem-solving efforts. And to propagate known-successful West Point cyber educational practices in an effort to benefit the Army and the Nation.


We engage significant cyber problems of Army and DoD mission formations to provide practical, implementable solutions. We help inform the development of the Army’s cyber career paths. We help determine right and practical rules for information exchange between ACI and civilian industry, business, and academia with the goal of greatest mutual benefit. By partnering with the financial sector, major industry professionals, academic and government experts, we are better able to offer advice on difficult policy issues, technological advancement and critical cyber security topics.


Expert faculty from uniformed Army personnel to PhD civilian research fellows to leading civilian cyber experts form a mass of talent across the spectrum of technology, policy, law, psychology and other related domains to research the most critical cyber-related challenges and work to solve pressing Army, DoD and National problems in cyber security and cyber operations.


Our mission to educate encompasses a diversified range of opportunities to assist in cyber leader development and cyber professional military education programs across all commissioning sources and professional military educational programs.

Army Cyber Institute
West Point, NY 10996
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