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Ghost Riders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge

MAJ Daniel A. Sjursen

Publication Year: 2015

From October 2006 to December 2007, Daniel A. Sjursen—then a U.S. Army lieutenant—led a light scout platoon across Baghdad. The experiences of Ghost Rider platoon provide a soldier’s-eye view of the incredible complexities of warfare, peacekeeping, and counterinsurgency in one of the world’s most ancient cities.

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Published by: University Press of New England ​

MAJ Scott Katalenich

2015 American Society of Civil Engineers' ExCEEd New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award.


The West Point History of the Civil War

By The United States Military Academy

With: Colonel Ty Seidule and Clifford Rogers

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Recipient of the 2014 Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award in the reference category.

Stand and Fight.jpg
Stand Up and Fight!
The Creation of U.S. Security Organizations, 1942-2005
Edited by Colonel Ty Seidule, Dr. Jacqueline E. Whitt.  

302 Pages

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Transparent, Nanostructured Silk Fibroin Hydrogels with Tunable Mechanical Properties
by Council (NRC) Davies Fellow, Dr. Alex Mitropoulos in Department of Chemistry and Life Science
Paper accepted in
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering
​“Strengthening the ‘Geo’ in GeoINT” (Geospatial Intelligence)
by LTC Chris Oxendine and COL (RET) Steve Fleming
This commentary addresses the need for GIS professionals who are trained to analyze the physical, cultural and human aspects of a region while synthesizing this with information gathered from numerous sensors (e.g. satellites, mobile phones, social media, etc.)
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Pathfinder Magazine


"Teaching a New Generation of Citizen-Soldiers: How a congressional simulation exercise helps to develop future leaders of character at the United States Military Academy"
by MAJ Adam Scher and Linda Mallory, EdD

​"Justified Drone Strikes are Predicated on ‘Responsibility to Protect’ Norms" and “Dealing with Drones”
by LTC Todd Burkhardt
Published online 1 MAR 2016 by The Army Press


LTC Luis N. Alvarez, PhD
2015 Researcher of the Year
Geneva’s Researcher of the Year award is presented to a researcher who exemplifies Geneva’s mission of advancing innovative medical research within the U.S. military, for the benefit of U.S. service members and veterans, their families, and the global community. This group of outstanding military researchers was selected by Geneva’s Scientific Advisory Board, who evaluated nominees from Geneva’s management team in the areas of research quality, dissemination, mentorship, innovation, collaboration, and impact.



​“'We Will All be Wiser in a Few Days:’ Woodrow Wilson, Grand Strategy, and the U.S. Army in 1917”
by MAJ Rory McGovern

The article considers the U.S. Army’s lack of preparedness for World War I and argues that while previous while institutional dysfunction within the U.S. Army and Congressional politics degraded readiness for war in major ways, a more significant and more proximate obstacle was Woodrow Wilson’s inadequate strategic direction. The full article is found here.


LTC Shane Reeves edited and co-authored the book "U.S. Military Operations: Law, Policy, and Practice"  that analyzed how the law is applied during military operations on and off the battlefield.  The subject matter experts offer a unique insiders perspective on how the law is actually implemented in a wide swath of military activities, such as how the law of war applies in the context of multi-state coalition forces, and whether non-governmental organizations involved in quasi-military operations are subject to the same law. This book also answers questions regarding how the law of armed conflict applies to such extra-conflict acts as intercepting pirates and providing humanitarian relief to civilians in occupied territory.  Published by the Oxford University Press, copies of the book available at:

COL John Nelson co-edited the anthology "A Companion to the War Film," recently published by Wiley-Blackwell in June 2016.

The anthology contains 27 essays that study the war film genre and its evolution, particularly over the past decade. COL Nelson also contributed a chapter titled “Fifty Years Hence: the Forgotten War Remembered in South Korean and American Cinema,” which examines the way in which the national cinemas of the Republic of Korea and the U.S. reflect on the trauma and sacrifice of armed conflict. 


A Distinct Lung-Interstitium-Resident Memory CD8+ T Cell Subset Confers Enhanced Protection to Lower Respiratory Tract Infection," Cell Reports Journal
Pavlo Gilchuk, Timothy M. Hill, Clifford Guy, Sean R. McMaster, Kelli L. Boyd, Whitney A. Rabacal, Pengcheng Lu, u Shyr, Jacob E. Kohlmeier, Eric Sebzda, Douglas R. Green, Sebastian Joyce
Full text available here.