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FAQ - Candidates Preparing for Cadet Basic Training
What is the best way to prepare physically for Cadet Basic Training (CBT), commonly referred to as “Beast Barracks”?
Stay active! There is a growing urgency to "enjoy life" before graduating from high school because a student "will not have that time back." However, the very first perception members of any military unit have of its leaders or members starts first with physical appearance and is validated by performance during the first PT session. It is critical for success to remain active and in good shape by exercising through running, light calisthenics and some strength training.
How does CBT differ from the basic training for enlisted personnel?
Overall, beast is exciting! The upper class cadets are professional and knowledgeable, and there will be a great focus on overcoming fears and forging a unit. The physical training is very similar in many ways to what you would experience in basic training.
Should I get my Wisdom Teeth Removed before CBT?
If a dentist recommends removal, get the teeth removed. If they are not bothering the candidate, they can leave them alone. Cadets will miss at a minimum, two days of classes if they have them removed while at West Point. There is NO need to worry about being disqualified by DODMERB due to wisdom tooth/teeth removal.
Do my accomplishments in CBT affect my company or standing once the academic year begins?
Your performance during CBT will be evaluated by your Chain of Command.  You will be graded and assigned a letter grade for the two details performed during that time period.  Those two letter grades will factor into your military development grade, which affects your cumulative standing.  After CBT you will be assigned to one of the 36 companies in the Corps and start with a clean slate once the academic year starts.
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