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Archived Events
2/3/2013Brooklyn Brewery (TBD)

Must be on pass and submit risk assessment​

2/1/2013All poster presenter abstracts due for spring AIChE  Regional at Rutgers
1/15/2013Roll into the New Year with Fuel Cell Car Demo and Competition (and elections)
12/8/2012Army vs Navy!
11/29/2012UMSA/ARL Symposium

Event Dates: Thursday 29 Nov - Friday 30 Nove​

11/16/2012Target Temple

0700-0730 & 0930-0950 in front of Bartlett Hall​
With marshmallows soaked in liquid nitrogen

11/9/2012Rocket Rutgers

0700-0730 & 0930-0950 in front of Bartlett Hall​

11/6/2012Chocolate Show

1800 hrs Door Opens, NTL 1830 start​


Event Dates: Friday 26 Oct - Monday 29 Oct​

10/13/2012Clobber Kent State Tailgate

For details click here​

10/12/2012Advisory Boad
10/12/2012Clobber Kent State Tailgate

For details select​

9/27/2012Hershey Trip Section

Event Dates: Thursday 27 Sep - Friday 28 Sep​

9/21/2012Fire on Wake Forest
8/28/20121st Meeting and ChemE "Trivia Bowl"
8/27/2012Class Ring Inspection

"Rachig Ring" in the new year​

8/20/2012DCA Club Night

All club members at IKE to man the table​

5/3/2012Projects Day

Final Brew for 2012 Cadets, Poster Competition, ChemE Car Display, IACS​

5/2/2012IACS (TBD)
4/13/2012AIChE Regionals

Hoboken, NJ (AY13 COC in charge)
Event Dates: Friday 13 Apr - Sunday 15 Apr ​

3/9/2012PPW Projects Display
3/5/2012ERDC Visit


3/2/2012Columbia Grad School Visit with ACS

(No Participation)​

2/14/2012Dr. Roth - Guest Speaker at USMA
2/11/2012Ice Skating Bryant Park with Manhattan College (TBD)
2/8/2012KMBC Key Delivery (RMC Weekend)
2/1/2012Cadet Intent to present at Regionals/Project Day/IACS due to OIC
1/28/2012Brooklyn Brewery (TBD)
1/25/2012KMBC Keg Delivery
1/24/2012USMA/Manhatten College Joint Mtg

"Chocolate Bowl" Trivia Game​

1/13/2012Planned Brew Date


1/10/2012Welcome Back!

AY13 Elections - Shadow Details, Fuel Cell Car​

12/10/2011Go Army! Beat Navy!
11/7/2011USMA/ARL Presenters go to Atlantic City

Event Dates: Monday 7 Nov - Tuesday 8 Nov​

10/1/2011Topple Green Wave Tailgate

At the Buffalo Soldier's Pavilion​

9/22/2011ChemE Trip Section

Journey to the "Sweetest Place on Earth!", Hershey Chocolate Company, Hershey, PA​
Event Dates: Thursday 22 Sep - Friday 23 Sep

9/16/2011ChemE - "Beat Northwestern!"

Go Army! Spirit Day!

8/24/20112nd Annual West Point Chemical Engineering Trivia Bowl

1830 hrs (BH409)​

8/15/2011DCA Club Night

Come down to IKE Night!​