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Company Athletics : Grappling

Submission Grappling
Players: Each team must have 1-2 grapplers in each weight category.
Feather Weight
142 and below
Light Weight
Welter Weight
Middle Weight
Light Heavy Weight
Cruiser Weight
Heavy Weight
Match Length: Matches will consist of one five-minute round.
Referee will award points for individual moves as follows:  All positions must be held for a full 3 seconds EXCEPT Takedowns.
                 i.    4 POINTS
1.      Mount:  When the fighter successfully “sits” on an opponent with both legs free of an opponent’s legs. Opponent can be lying on her back, side or stomach. Caveat: Fighter is allowed to have one knee above her opponent’s arm but not both.
2.      Rear Mount: When a fighter can control an opponent’s back with both feet positioned on the inner thighs. Caveat: 1. a body triangle from the back does not result in points. 2. Cross locking your feet from the back of your opponent does not result in points. Feet must be unlocked while in rear mount.
                ii.    3 POINTS
1.      Pass the Guard:  Must successfully pass an opponent’s guard and control a new position (mount, side control, knee on belly, north/south) for 3 seconds.
               iii.    2 POINTS
1.      Sweep: Must initiate sweep from any Guard and maintain top position for 3 seconds. (This includes taking back from the guard).
2.      Knee on belly:  Must have opponent controlled on their back with knee at least halfway across body, the other knee off the ground (foot on ground) and facing their opponent.
3.      Takedown: Any kind of knocking an opponent to their back or side will result in an immediate 2 points. 
4.      Serious submission attempt that goes out of bounds. If a serious submission attempt is stopped by the referee out of bounds two points will be awarded. NOTE: Referee will restart the match standing in the center of the ring. It is not feasible to attempt to recreate the submission attempt.
Competition Area: Circle with a 28’ foot diameter on a padded mat.