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Academics in Engineering Psychology

As part of this 10 course major, you will be mentored by DoD and affiliated scientist in    
DoD relevent projects such as:   
  • the design of automated systems controls and interfaces   
  • the deisgn of work space   
  • the design and fielding of equiptment and clothing   
  • in sustaining and imporving health and well-being   
  • in improving training through mediating learning and using simulations   



​MA376 Applied Probability and Statistics PL394 Anthropometrics & Biomechanics​
PL386 Experimental Psychology​ PL475 Human Computer Interaction
PL390 Biological Psychology ​PL485 Human Factors Engineering
PL391 Sensation & Perception PL488 Colloquium Engineering Psychology
PL392 Cognitive Psychology PL490 Design & Applications


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