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Dr. Bruce Keith

Professor of Sociology

Phone: 845.938.6321

Bruce Keith is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Systems Engineering and Director of Academic Enrichment and Global Partnerships in the Center for Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development at the United States Military Academy. His primary focus is on the design and implementation of developmental models capable of building sustainable capacity in individuals, organizations, and countries.

Selected Accomplishments:
• Served as a leading facilitator in the design of learning models for West Point’s general education (core) curriculum (Educating Future Army Officers in a Changing World; see and its corresponding assessment system.

• Served as a leading facilitator in the design of West Point's Leader Development System (Building Capacity to Lead)

• Served as co-chair of West Point's decennial institutional accreditation self-study (2007-2010) and its periodic review (2003-05).

• Deployed to Afghanistan as the lead academic administrator from USMA in 2005-06 to assist in establishing a new baccalaureate degree-granting military academy in Kabul (The National Military Academy of Afghanistan).

• Consulted with the National Military Academies of Albania and Qatar on strategic planning, resourcing, and curriculum.
Served as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, USMA, from 2001-2011; served as the Assistant Dean for Academic Assessment, USMA, from 1996-2001.

• Chaired a task force on sociology and general education for the American Sociological Association (2005-06), resulting in the publication of an ASA monograph to refine and articulate core disciplinary goals and student learning outcomes.

• Assisted in post-Katrina redevelopment efforts in New Orleans (2008-2011) and the stabilization of local neighborhoods in Yonkers, NY (2009-Present).

• Serves as a consultant on the institutional management of liberal education (see

PL361: Research Methods