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CPT Daniel Caffarel

Phone: 845.938.1381

CPT Daniel Caffarel grew up in Tucson, Arizona.  He attended the University of Arizona and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  While there, he also completed ROTC and was commissioned into the Military Police Corps in June of 2004.  After completing the Military Police Officer Basic Course, in Fort Leonard Wood, he was posted to Baumholder, Germany.  He deployed a platoon to Afghanistan that worked under the 173rd Airborne Brigade, primarily in Zabul Provice, training Afghani Police how to conduct police operations.

After redeployment, CPT Caffarel spent eighteen months in Bamberg, Germany, as an assistant Operations Officer, in the 793rd MP Battalion, before moving to Seoul, South Korea.  In Korea, he spent four months with the 94th MP Battalion as the Law & Order Operations Officer before taking command of the 14th MP Detachment.  The 14th MP DET was responsible for strategic police operations that included personal security, customs, working dogs, and police operations coordination for the entire Korean peninsula.  He also began a Master of Arts in Health Psychology.

After two years of command, CPT Caffarel returned to Fort Leonard Wood to complete the MP Captain's Career Course.  After the course, he deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, to serve on the Current Operations team in the Joint Operations Center.  During the one-year deployment, he processed operations reports and supported joint operations for the entire theatre.  He also completed his Master of Arts in Health Psychology.

Following the deployment, CPT Caffarel reported to Redstone Arsenal and completed Intermediate-Level Education before moving to New York City to study counseling psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.  While at Columbia, he completed a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology.

CPT Caffarel is currently assigned to the BS&L department as an instructor of PL100 and PL387.