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Ergonomics and Anthropometrics Laboratory

Virtually all of your activities require interaction with your environment. Much of the interaction involves physical movement. Anthropometrics in the study of human measurement while biomechanics is the study of forces on our muscular and skeletal systems.

The Engineering Psychology’s Ergonomics and Anthropometrics Laboratory educates cadets of the fundamentals of both anthropometrics and biomechanics and provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge to a variety of military settings. Cadets will learn how to measure and model human activities and then use those results to design better human-machine systems or recommend improvements to training.

The laboratory consists of 1 AMTI Net Force Plate Walkway, a StayFit Treadmill, and a state-of-the-art Motion Capture System, Vicon Motus and Nexus. Get to know the laboratory!




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