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BS&L Faculty 
Name Position Phone E-mail
Department Head
Banks.jpg COL Bernard Banks Professor and Head, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership 845.938.3206
Deputy Department Head
Banks.jpg COL Diane Ryan Deputy Head, Professor and Program Director, Psychology 845.938.5632
PL100 - General Psychology for Leaders
pic_na1.png LTC Matthew Clark Assistant Professor and Program Director, General Psychology for Leaders 845.938.5644
pic_na1.png Dr. Courtney Gosnell Assistant Professor 845.938.4450
pic_na1.png MAJ Brian Montgomery Instructor 845.938.2178
  Dr. Elizabeth Velilla Assistant Dean/Director of Research Operations 845.938.2764
pic_na1.png MAJ Chavaso (Chevy) Cook Instructor 845.938.3718
pic_na1.png Ms. Amy Baxter Instructor 845.938.5917
Banks.jpg CPT Kimberly Page Instructor 845.938.4914
Banks.jpg CPT Emily Spencer Instructor 845.938.3623
PL300 - Military Leadership
pic_na1.png LTC Darcy Schnack Instructor and Program Director, Military Leadership 845.938.6710
pic_na1.png LTC Eric McCoy Instructor 845.938.3177
  LTC Troy Schnack Instructor / Dean's Executive Officer 845.938.7232
pic_na1.png MAJ Lisa Black Instructor 845.938.5026
pic_na1.png MAJ Nicholas Bugajski Instructor / Department Executive Officer 845.938.5022
pic_na1.png MAJ Christina Fanitzi Instructor 845.938.3295
pic_na1.png MAJ Casey Holler Instructor / Department S3 845.938.2945
pic_na1.png MAJ Brandon Soltwisch Instructor (PL300 & Psychology) 845.938.5021
pic_na1.png MAJ Laura Weimer Instructor (PL300 & Sociology) 845.938.5031
pic_na1.png CPT Rodney Jackson Instructor 845.938.5589
Woodruff.jpg LTC Todd Woodruff

Professor and Program Director, Leadership and Management Studies

Campbell_D.jpg Dr. Donald J. Campbell Professor 845.938.6456
Campbell_K.jpg Dr. Kathleen Campbell Associate Professor 845.938.5978
pic_na1.png Dr. Lissa V. Young Assistant Professor 845.938.0761
pic_na1.png LTC Patrick Downes Assistant Professor 845.938.1008
pic_na1.png MAJ Michael Rybacki Instructor (Management & PL300) 845.938.5002
pic_na1.png CPT J.D. Mohundro Instructor 845.938.1793
Leader Development Science
pic_na1.png LTC Daniel Smith Assistant Professor and Program Director, Leader Development Science 845.938.5024
Engineering Psychology
Ness.jpg COL James W. Ness Professor and Program Director, Engineering Psychology 845.938.0239
Matthews_M.jpg Dr. Michael D. Matthews Professor of Engineering Psychology 845.938.3696
Rovira.jpg Dr. Ericka Rovira Associate Professor 845.938.5902
pic_na1.png MAJ Bridgette Bell Instructor (Engineering Psychology & PL100) 845.938.5635
O'Donovan.jpg CPT Charles Rowan Instructor (Engineering Psychology & PL100) 845.938.0066
Georgoulas.jpg Ms. Vasiliki (Bess) Georgoulas Research Psychologist 845.938.3598
Carroll.jpg COL Diane Ryan Deputy Head, Professor and Program Director, Psychology 845.938.5632
Carroll.jpg Dr. Marjorie Carroll Associate Professor 845.938.5642
Korenman.jpg Dr. Lisa M. Korenman Assistant Professor (Psychology & PL150) 845.938.4806
Banks.jpg MAJ Daniel Caffarel Instructor (Psychology & PL100) 845.938.1381
pic_na1.png LTC Remi Hajjar Program Director, Sociology 845.938.5630
Ender.jpg Dr. Morten G. Ender Professor of Sociology 845.938.5638
pic_na1.png MAJ Sharon Edens Assistant Professor (Sociology & PL300) 845.938.8645
ELDP - Eisenhower Leader Development Program
 Banks.jpg COL Everett Spain Professor & ELDP Director (PL300) 845.938.5001
Administrative Support
pic_na1.png Juliza Ramirez-Wylie Administrative Officer 845.938.2906
Wright.jpg Joanne Wright Executive Secretary 845.938.5640
Howington.jpg Anita Howington Administrative Assistant 845.938.3707
pic_na1.png Brian Tannenbaum Information Technology Specialist 845.938.8787/ 845.938.0513
pic_na1.png Darien French Videographer/ Lab Technician 845.938.3891
pic_na1.png Krista Hennen IT Specialist (Web) (Engineering Psychology) 845.938.5643
pic_na1.png Alysse Pulido Research Associate (IETD) 845.938.8238