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BS&L Faculty 

Department Head

Photo Name Duty Phone  
Photo of COLBanks COL Bernard Banks 845-938-3206  

Deputy Department Head

Photo Name Duty Phone  
Photo of COLRyan COL Diane Ryan 845-938-5632  

PL100- General Psychology for Leaders

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCBurrell LTC Lolita Burrell Associate Professor and Program Director, General Psychology 845-938-5640  
Photo of MAJCaffarel MAJ Daniel Caffarel Instructor 845-938-1381  
Photo of Dr.Gosnell Dr. Courtney Gosnell Assistant Professor 845-938-4450  
Photo of Dr.Cornwell Dr. James Cornwell Instructor 845-938-5096  
Photo of CPTDunham CPT Yoon Dunham Instructor 845-938-4914  
Photo of CPTPage CPT Kimberly Page Instructor 845-938-2178  
Photo of MAJSpencer MAJ Emily Spencer Instructor 845-938-3623  

PL300 - Military Leadership

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCSchnack LTC Darcy Schnack Assistant Professor & Program Director, Military Leadership 845-938-6710  
Photo of MAJBugajski MAJ Nicholas Bugajski Instructor, Department XO 845-938-5022  
Photo of MAJHoller MAJ Casey Holler Instructor, Department S3 845-938-2945  
Photo of MAJSoltwisch MAJ Brandon Soltwisch Instructor (PL300 & Psychology) 845-938-5021  
Photo of MAJJackson MAJ Rodney Jackson Instructor 845-938-5026  
Photo of CPTMcDonald CPT Timothy McDonald Instructor 845-938-3295  
Photo of CPTPratt CPT Matthew Pratt Instructor 845-938-8337  
Photo of CPTBritt CPT Kevin Britt Instructor 845-938-5002  


Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLWoodruff COL Todd Woodruff Academy Professor and Program Director, Management 845-938-1788  
Photo of LTCDownes LTC Patrick Downes Assistant Professor 845-938-7947  
Photo of Dr.Lin Dr. Eric Lin Assistant Professor 845-938-1008  
Photo of Dr.Campbell Dr. Donald Campbell Professor 845-938-6456  
Photo of Dr.Campbell Dr. Kathleen Campbell Professor 845-938-5978  
Photo of Dr.Young Dr. Lissa Young Assistant Professor 845-938-0761  
Photo of MAJRybacki MAJ Michael Rybacki Instructor 845-938-3177  
Photo of MAJMohundro MAJ J.D. Mohundro Instructor 845-938-1793  

Engineering Psychology

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLNess COL James Ness Academy Professor and Program Director 845-938-0239  
Photo of Dr.Matthews Dr. Michael Matthews Professor 845-938-3696  
Photo of Dr.Rovira Dr. Ericka Rovira Associate Professor 845-938-5902  
Photo of MAJRowan MAJ Charlie Rowan Instructor 845-938-0066  
Photo of MAJBell MAJ Bridgette Bell Instructor 845-938-5635  
Photo of Ms.Georgoulas Ms. Vasiliki(Bess) Georgoulas Research Psychologist 845-938-3598  
Photo of Ms.Pulido Ms. Alysse Pulido Research Associate 845-938-5643  


Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLRyan COL Diane Ryan Academy Professor, Program Director, Psychology 845-938-5632  
Photo of LTCSmith LTC Dan Smith Associate Professor 845-938-5024  
Photo of Dr.Korenman Dr. Lisa Korenman Assistant Professor 845-938-4806  
Photo of Dr.Carroll Dr. Marjorie Carroll Associate Professor 845-938-5642  


Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCHajjar LTC Maurice “Remi” Hajjar Academy Professor, Program Director 845-938-5630  
Photo of MAJWeimer MAJ Laura Weimer Instructor 845-938-5031  
Photo of CPTDawson CPT Jessica Dawson Instructor 845-938-8645  
Photo of Dr.Ender Dr. Morten Ender Professor 845-938-5638  


Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCClark LTC Matthew Clark Assistant Professor 845-938-5644  
Photo of COLSpain COL Everett Spain Professor 845-938-5001  

Administrative Support

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Mr.Tanenbaum Mr. Brian Tanenbaum Information Technology Specialist 845-938-0513  
Photo of Ms.Howington Ms. Anita Howington Administrative Assistant 845-938-3707