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Why Major in Management?
Our Army operates in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous global environment. More than ever, we need professional leaders to accomplish our challenging missions and to care for our soldiers. Without a doubt, you should be focused on developing your leadership skills to prepare for your roles as officers. However, you will also need a great deal of managerial skill to succeed. How does the training that prepares your unit for operational deployment and combat get planned, resourced, and assessed? How will you maintain and account for the equipment that your unit relies on to perform its mission? Without the ability to recognize and effectively manage critical issues like these, the time you have available to lead your soldiers will disappear!
The Management Major is designed to help prepare you to lead efficient and effective organizations by developing critical managerial skills. We will study concepts and frameworks that you will be able to use throughout your career in the Army and beyond. We will bring theory to life by using the Case Study Method - analyzing situations faced by managers in organizations from Krispy Kreme to Nike to USMA and the Army. Our hope is to inspire in you a curiosity about how things run and arm you with some tools that will help you make your organization run efficiently and effectively.
Would you like someone from the Management Major to contact you?
LTC Todd Woodruff (845) 938-1788
 "Leadership and management are neither synonymous nor interchangeable. Clearly good civilian managers must lead, and good military leaders must manage. Both qualities are essential to success."
~ GEN Edward C. Meyer

Management Major Coursework (Core Classes)

Cadets can find specific course information on this and all our majors in the Dean's Red Book

Complete One Management Elective:

MG390 Negotiations for Leaders SE385 Decision Analysis
MG379 Leading Teams SE388 Probabilistic Models
MG472 International Management SS368 Econometrics I
PL398 Leadership Theory & Development SS382 Microeconomics
PL383 Social Psychology SS387 Economics and Public Policy
PL387 Foundations of Counseling SS388 Macroeconomics
PL361 Research Methods LW488 Business Law
PL371 Introduction to Sociology MA376 Applied Statistics
PL482 Armed Forces and Society EM381 Engineering Economy
* Additional electives available with approval