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Psychology is arguably the most relevant of all the Academy’s majors. Graduates gain specialized skills and knowledge  making them uniquely prepared to understand and ultimately lead people.  Psychology majors at West Point choose        between two different tracks within the major:

The “Applied General Psychology” track is focused on applying knowledge of psychology to improve the development,       performance, and well-being of individuals (soldiers).
The “Organizational Psychology and Leadership” track is   focused on applying knowledge of psychology to select and develop leaders, and improve the effectiveness of groups, teams, and organizations.
Spencer Dodge Award for Excellence in Psychology recipient 2LT Sarah Hutchison ’14 with COL Ryan, Dr. Carroll and Dr.  Korenman.


PSY HOME 2.jpg

2LT Shalanda Williams ‘15 explaining her PL488B project “Operation Tool Kit: Promoting Mental Health to High Risk Homeless Young Adults” during Projects Day.
Psychology Goals
Leaders teach, train and counsel. Good Teaching and training enhance proficiency and build the self-confidence necessary to confront difficult tasks. Sensitive and insightful counseling insures discipline, lifts morale and promotes the cohesion essential to keep going under the most stressful conditions.The Psychology Program will help you acquire these skills. You will start by learning how to frame questions, generate alternative solutions, gain information and make decisions. You will then learn how people learn and develop; finally, you will use this knowledge to learn how to help others develop and become more effective in their service to the nation.
Would you like someone from the Psychology Major to contact you?
COL Diane Ryan  (845) 938-5031 
I still think that the B.S. in Psychology is the most applicable degree a young leader can depart West Point with today. Bottom line: This is a people-centric profession; learn how people tick and you will have a substantial edge over those who do not!
- MAJ Andrew Decker, '02, Military Intelligence
I have always held to the idea that we, as leaders in the military, are in the business of "people."  Learning about human behavior and how to alter that behavior (if needed) has been instrumental in my professional experiences thus far.
- CPT Matt Pratt '06, Armor
Psychology Labs
If you are interested in using one of our labs click here and fill out our online Lab Request Form.
Psychology Major Coursework (Core Classes)
Cadets can find specific course information in the Dean's Redbook