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Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership : Sensation_Perception_Psychophysics

PL 391: Sensation, Perception and Psychophysics

This course covers the acquisition and analysis of information by the human nervous system from examination of the physical properties of  light and sound, the functioning of the visual, auditory systems and the kinesthetic processes, and the theoretical background of contemporary perceptual research. The following general topics are covered: psychophysical methods, including measurement, scaling and signal detection theory; physiology of the visual, auditory and kinesthetic systems; recognition of color and brightness, pitch and loudness, patterns, features, and the role of visual channels; visual detection and tracking; the role of kinesthesis in military applications; and research methodology in perception. Laboratory assignments stress the application of data acquisition systems on research and the construction of strictly defined experimental methods in this area of research.

Currently, the course is instructed by COL James Ness

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