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Simulations Laboratory

Engineering psychologists live in a target-rich environment. We are surrounded by devices, tools, and systems that could be vastly improved and made easier to use. Research in engineering psychology allows cadets to use knowledge of human behavior and systems to real-world domains in military and civilian environments. Cadets will design, build, and evaluate a solution to a practical human factors problem.

Engineering psychology seeks to dig deeper and examine the incident in terms of contextual factors such as competing activities, hidden information, and organizational goals and conflicts. Not seeking to blame any party, we try to understand how the event unfolded and examine ways to prevent it from happening again.
The Engineering Psychology’s Simulations Laboratory possesses an Air Traffic Control Simulator, a Virtusphere, a Sound Chamber, and a Tactile Belt Station. Along with the Virtusphere, the Engineering Psychology Department possesses the capabilities to immerse cadets in a virtual reality within Second Life and Virtual BattleSpace (VBS2). Explore more!!



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