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Visual Psychophysics

To maximize performance on the battlefield, we must take advantage of the sensory mechanisms and perceptual processes that obtain, interpret, and act upon information in our environment, In other words, if you can’t sense it or perceive it, you can’t act on it! Understanding the parameters of our sensory-perceptual capabilities is a crucial element in the affective design of human-machine interfaces.

With this thought in mind, the Engineering Psychology’s Visual Psychophysics Laboratory provides their cadets with the knowledge of sensory and perceptual processes that contributes to the design of effective systems. Additionally, this laboratory supports the exchange of information and ideas via video and teleconferencing. The Engineering Psychology Department is fully equipped to interact and communicate with second and third parties all over the world. With the use of Skype, Oovoo, and Second life, cadets can interact in a 3D world as an avatar, and visit and network with one another. In Skype and Oovoo, cadets can interface with others across the world without moving from their classroom. This laboratory also serves as a lecture and seminar room, with tons of distinguished lecturers educating the cadets on various topics in human factors.




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