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Mr. Tierney Distinguished Leader Series: Mr. Kevin Plank, CEO Under Armour Distingushed Leader Series: GEN Dempsey Class of
We welcome Mr. Thomas Tierney as the new Class of 1951 Chair for the Study of Leadership.
Mr. Plank spoke with the Black and Gold Leadership Forum, cadets enrolled in MG381 (Management), and other BS&L majors during an hour long discussion on leader development and his leadership philosophy.
The Chief of Staff of the Army visited West Point today and discussed the future of the Army, priorities for leaders, and stressed to cadets that they are entering a 'profession' and not an 'occupation'.
Mr. Pickens spoke to a standing room only crowd about the challenges and opportunities associated with a major overhaul of energy policy in the U.S. and the national security challenges future leaders will face.
Department of BS&L Mission
The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership offers majors in the behavioral sciences. Five disciplinary options (majors) are available including: Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Leader Development Science, Management, or Sociology.
Overall, study of the Behavioral Sciences provides an opportunity to increase cadet understanding of human behavior at several levels ranging from the individual through small groups, to organizations and social institutions. The courses taught and insights gained improve cadets’ ability to describe, explain, predict and influence human behavior. The Behavioral Sciences majors allow cadets to structure an appropriate sequence of electives which will ensure understanding of behavior from the psychological, as well as the sociological and organizational perspectives.  This underlying basis ensures that every program of study in the department has direct and immediate relevance to the lives of our graduates during their careers as Army officers and beyond.
BS&L in the News
  • On 26 September Dr. O'Donvan's students visited The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and Burke Medical Research Insitiute.
  • Dr. Mike Matthews has been appointed chair of the Fellows Committee of the Society for Military Psychology, Division 19 of the American Psychological Association. This committee reviews nominations for Fellow status among members of Division 19.
  • On 25 July, LTC Dan Smith served as an invited speaker at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Psychometrics Society. He spoke on “The Use of Conditional Reasoning to Measure Implicit Personality, and the Role of Item Response Theory in the Development of Conditional Reasoning Tests”. Conditional Reasoning Tests (CRTs) are relatively new and innovative measures of personality. LTC Smith explained how researchers might apply Item Response Theory (e.g. the Nominal Response Model) to 1) clarify how CRTs work, 2) help us understand the information provided by a given CRT, and 3) identify specific issues concerning item functioning which enable further development and improvement of specific CRTs.
  • On 25 Jul 14, COL Diane Ryan received a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the US Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, PA. As a requirement for her degree, she completed a Personal Research Paper (PRP) entitled “Beyond Army Values: A Comprehensive Model for Character Development.”
  • Lieutenant Colonel Eric McCoy, Lieutenant Colonel Remi Hajjar, and Colonel Irving Smith had their article "Auditory Feedback: An Innovative Teaching Tool" accepted for publication in Volume 17, Issue 3 (Fall 2014) of the Academic Exchange Quarterly, The authors investigated the use of auditory feedback by faculty at the US Military Academy. Their findings indicated that cadets reported auditory feedback helped their learning, provided sufficient detail, and should be offered in future courses as more substantive means to engage millennial generation students.
  • Dr. Kathleen Campbell and Dr. Donald Campbell collected data via surveys and focus groups with over 200 Army Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and officers at Fort Carson, CO in late June and early July. Their research involves the perceptions of these groups as to the values an ideal military officer should have. Data will also be collected from NCOs and officers in the US Air Force and the US Navy. The Campbells were assisted in their research by MAJ Aram Donigian, a Public Affairs Officer (PAO) at Fort Carson. MAJ Donigian formerly served as an Assistant Professor in the Management Program in BS&L. COL Mike Tarsa and LTC Pat Dardis also helped recruit volunteers for the study.