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Mr. Plank spoke with the Black and Gold Leadership Forum, cadets enrolled in MG381 (Management), and other BS&L majors during an hour long discussion on leader development and his leadership philosophy. The Chief of Staff of the Army visited West Point today and  discussed the future of the Army, priorities for leaders, and stressed to cadets that they are entering a Mr. Pickens spoke to a standing room only crowd about the challenges and opportunities associated with a major overhaul of energy policy in the U.S. and the national security challenges future leaders will face.
Department of BS&L Mission
To educate cadets in the behavioral, organizational, and sociological sciences to prepare them for careers as commissioned leaders of character, to inspire in them the values of Duty, Honor, Country and to provide the developmental opportunities for cadets and faculty that lead to personal and professional excellence during a career of service to our Nation and our Army.
Overall, study of the Behavioral Sciences provides an opportunity to increase cadet understanding of human behavior at several levels ranging from the individual through small groups, to organizations and social institutions. The courses taught and insights gained improve cadets’ ability to describe, explain, predict and influence human behavior. The Behavioral Sciences majors allow cadets to structure an appropriate sequence of electives which will ensure understanding of behavior from the psychological, as well as the sociological and organizational perspectives.  This underlying basis ensures that every program of study in the department has direct and immediate relevance to the lives of our graduates during their careers as Army officers and beyond.
 Department of BS&L Vision
A global leader in teaching and creating of knowledge for the practical application of the behavioral, organizational, and sociological sciences to enhance leader effectiveness across the human dimension.