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About Us

The Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL) was established at West Point to be a support cell-a small team that exists as a catalyst for members of the profession to connect, to engage with each other, and to advance the profession. CALDOL serves company-level leaders as well as the cadets who are preparing to lead Soldiers now. In addition to developing and operating professional forums and otherwise connecting leaders across the Army in conversation about leading and growing combat-effective teams, the CALDOL provides the Army with research on leader development and organizational learning.
A foundational assumption that drives us is the idea that the cutting-edge knowledge of the Army resides in the minds of leaders at the tip of the spear-leaders in the experience right now. Connecting those leaders in conversation with each other as well as with those who will follow in their footsteps brings together the Army's greatest knowledge resources.
We believe that connecting leaders in conversation about their work transforms the individuals who participate as well as the whole of the profession.  To be effective individually and collectively, members of the profession must have access to each other and to the knowledge that they develop together.