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Centers and Research Activities

At West Point, research is organized and administered through centers.  These centers, affiliated with and coordinated by the Institute for Innovation and Development (IID), provide the infrastructure and support necessary to tackle the nation’s and the world’s most challenging problems. Our research centers bring context to the classroom, are central to our vibrant and pioneering faculty, and are one way West Point connects to the Army and to the Nation.

Our students are driven, our faculty is world-class, and through our centers, scholars and scientists thrive and produce their best work.  Cadets regularly win Best Paper Awards at national and international graduate-level conferences, our faculty hold fellowships and chairmanships in their discipline's national organizations and our products are deployed to the soldier.

In addition to applied research, there are centers at West Point that focus on other aspects of supporting the USMA mission.  What follows is a list of research, academic, and support centers and programs both at West Point and partnered with West Point; many are linked to program websites.

What's Up in West Point Research?

CDT Chase Snow & LTC Mike Benson from CME at Stanford University on a study of the behavior of a single jet of fluid impinging on a flat plate.
CDT's Robert Hume, Christina Lee, & Nathan Billisit “Heavy Lifters” portable vehicle lifting system.
CDT Christal Theriot conducts Biomechanics Research at Army Research Laboratories (AIAD)
On 2 OCT 2015 Environmental Science majors visited the Wolf Conservation Center in New Salem, NY for an EV471 Ecology field trip.
Major Greg Bew, Department of Systems Engineering, conducts research on measuring the situational awareness provided by the Nett Warrior System.
CLS faculty member LTC Luis M. Alvarez is lead inventor on recently issued patent with applications in cancer therapy and regenerative medicine.
Cadets Michael Shares and John Malcolm work in the new labs of the Photonics Research Center in the Bartlett Hall to align a solid state laser for research on flexible electronics and metamaterials.


The Dean's Weekly Activity Reports

Dean's Weekly Significant Activities Report 3 February 2016.pdf
2/3/2016 2:00 PMPatrick Gill
Dean's Weekly Significant Activities Report 27 January 2016.pdf
2/3/2016 2:01 PMPatrick Gill
Dean's Weekly Significant Activities Report 20 January 2016.pdf
2/3/2016 2:01 PMPatrick Gill
Dean's Weekly Significant Activities Report  13 January 2016.pdf
2/3/2016 2:03 PMPatrick Gill
Dean's Weekly Significant Activities 16 December 2015.pdf
2/3/2016 2:04 PMPatrick Gill