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Academic Excellence Tutor Program

College Reading/Learning Association (CRLA) Certification
The CRLA tutor certification program is an internationally recognized title. To enroll, a tutor must have a B or better in the subject(s) he/she tutors, be academically proficient in all subjects, and have a recommendation from the cadet company academic staff. The certification requires ten hours of training and 25 hours of documented tutoring. The CEP conducts most of the training hours in two-week training cycles throughout the semester. All meetings are conducted during the lunch period with boxed meals provided.

Link to CRLA Web site:
What advantage is it to the tutor to become CRLA certified?
CRLA is an internationally-recognized organization in the academic community. It documents selfless service and is a good application-builder for scholarships, graduate school, and other academic pursuits. The training focuses on helping the tutor develop the skills to become a highly effective academic mentor.
When can I start counting my tutoring hours toward certification?
Any hour a cadet has tutored since entering the Academy counts. Many cadets start the training cycle having already met the tutoring experience requirement.
Do I need to be certified in order to tutor in my company or help with TEE prep?
No. Cadets have been informally tutoring each other since the early days of the academy. The goal of the CEP is to provide training opportunities and structure to the tutoring programs.
Can a plebe participate in TEE prep, and CRLA?
Yes. Plebes who are academically strong usually make excellent tutors for their classmates.