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Native American Heritage Forum
This club establishes a Native American environment where Native American cadets can go for support in transitioning from a civilian to a cadet and from a cadet to an officer. It also educates the Corps of Cadets of the history, heritage, and present issues of Native Americans, giving cadets the opportunity to learn of their Native heritage. The club also provides cadets the opportunity to attend Native American events outside the Academy such as powwows, conferences and educational forums, allowing cadets to expand their cultural awareness while at the Academy. Finally, the forum provides outreach to other Native Americans to inspire their entrance into the Academy, and gives Native American cadets the opportunity to interact with other Native American leaders across the country.

Recent Events
  • The Native American Heritage Forum attended the Native American Heritage
    Powwow at Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park, NY, the American Indian
    Science and Engineering Society Conference, and hosted the Native American
    Heritage Month Dinner and Celebration in November.
Upcoming Events


Driving Directions to the Powwow



OIC:  LTC Mark Smith
CIC:  Cadet Sallena Samuel