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Opera Forum
/CFAF/siteassets/sitepages/Forum/OF_1.jpg This club is committed to fostering an appreciation of opera in its members by providing them the opportunity to regularly attend performances of this art form in the greater Metropolitan area. The Opera Forum also seeks to engage students in thinking about the different forms of communication that define opera (song, speech, music, etc.) and how these different methods of expression can be combined to tell (and retell) classic stories in bold new ways. 

Recent Events
  • On 6 April, the Opera Forum visited the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center
    to watch a matinee performance of "Das Rheingold." Cadets marveled at the
    intricacies of the production, which included a glorious 3-dimensional set
    that continuously unfolded and refolded itself to create the various
    settings such as the Rhine river, Nibelheim, and Valhalla. Even more
    marvelous was Wagner's musical score, as cadets traced the various
    "leitmotifs" that epitomize Wagner's method of achieving symbolism and
    characterization through music.
  • 28 Oct - H.M.S. Pinafore Part 1
  • 04 Nov - H.M.S. Pinafore Part 2
  • 18 Nov - Pirates of Penzance Part 1
  • 02 Dec - Pirates of Penzance Part 2


Upcoming Events
  • 09/08 – La Boheme, Part 1
  • 09/22 – La Boheme, Part 2
  • 10/06 – Rent, Part 1
  • 10/20 – Rent, Part 2
  • 11/03 – Rent, Part 3

    All meetings will take place in the Haig Room from 1930 to 2030; pizza will
    be served.
OIC:  Dr. Marc Napolitano
CIC:  Cadet Mark Vankopp