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Philosophy Forum (PF)
/CFAF/SiteAssets/SitePages/Forum/phil.jpgMission: To promote the intellectual and personal development of cadets by exposing them to diverse, philosophically stimulating ideas and personalities.  The two mediums for this exposure are the speakers that the forum brings to West Point, and the trips that occur each semester.

Typical activities: hosting distinguished philosophers from around the country (and world) to give talks to the members of the club and members of the philosophy faculty as well.  The club will often take one trip during the year to another college to take part in a undergraduate philosophy conference.

Upcoming Events
  • Confirmed Events:
    • 07 October, 1930, Haig Room, Jefferson Library: "Killer Machines: An Interdisciplinary Panel on the History, Law, Strategy, and Ethics of Drone Warfare." Faculty from the Departments of History, Law, Defense and Strategic Studies, and English and Philosophy will come together to offer insights into drones from their respective disciplines.

      21 October, 1930, Lincoln Hall 222: "Comic Books and Comic Book Movies." Dr. Henry Pratt of Marist College will discuss the challenges of adapting comics into film.

      24 November, 1930, Haig Room, Jefferson Library: Renowned ethicist and columnist Dr. John Corvino of Wayne State University will discuss the morality and implications of the legalization of same-sex marriage.

      12 January, 1930: Leading political theorist Dr. Danielle Allen of the Institute for Advanced Study will discuss her book, "Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality."
  • Events in planning (Unconfirmed): 
    • Dr. Stephanie Pell of the Cyber Center at USMA will discuss NSA surveillance and constitutional law.
    • Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz will discuss his role in the decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Details to follow.
OIC:  Dr. Graham Parsons
AOIC: MAJ Sean Dansberger