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Philosophy Forum (PF)
/CFAF/SiteAssets/SitePages/Forum/phil.jpgMission: To promote the intellectual and personal development of cadets by exposing them to diverse, philosophically stimulating ideas and personalities.  The two mediums for this exposure are the speakers that the forum brings to West Point, and the trips that occur each semester.

Typical activities: hosting distinguished philosophers from around the country (and world) to give talks to the members of the club and members of the philosophy faculty as well.  The club will often take one trip during the year to another college to take part in a undergraduate philosophy conference.

Upcoming Events
  • Confirmed Events:
    • 27 August, 1930, Jefferson Library's Haig Room: "Amoralism and Sun Tzu's The Art of War," Professor P.C. Lo, Hong Kong Baptist University.  Prof. Lo argues that scholars frequently characterize Sun Tzu's classic as Machiavellian in its characterization of moral considerations.  Instead, Prof. Lo argues that we should understand Sun Tzu's work as distinctly more.  Moreover, the third chapter of The Art of War offers a basis for understanding the morality of war that is, at least, reconcilable with a modern understanding of both jus in bello and jus ad bellum norms." 
    • 9 Sept, 1930, Jefferson Library's Haig Room: "The Architecture of Moral Psychology," Professor Fiery Cushman, Brown University.  Prof. Cushman will examine the psychological architecture of moral decision making.  He will focus, in particular, on people's aversion to engaging in harmful behaviors." 
    • 8 Oct, 1930, Jefferson Library's Haig Room:  "The Ethics of Dueling," Professor Jordan Pascoe, Manhattan College.  Prof. Pascoe will try to reconcile Kant's views on retributive justice with his account of rights by considering the ethics of dueling.  She will contend that a accounts that attempt to separate Kant's views on justice from his view of rights ultimately fail.  She will conclude that "Kant defends a consistent right to life, but nevertheless worries about the conflicting duties of life and honor."
    • 22 Oct, 1930, Jefferson Library's Haig Room: "Moral Trauma and Recovery," Professor Nancy Sherman, Georgetown University.  Professor Sherman will examine the distinct moral trauma associated with soldiering and offer a philosophical framework for understanding moral recovery.  Her discussion will draw heavily on the experiences of military veterans." 
    • 5 Nov, Vassar College, Details TBP:  We're also planning to visit the Theater of War with the Creative Arts Project.  The ToW does dramatic readings of various plays that capture issues related to the trauma of war and recovery.  In this case, we will watch a cast of professional actors perform a dramatic reading of Sophocles' "Ajax."  The reading will be performed in front of a cast of Veteran's and family members who will comment on the performance, before opening discussion to the audience in attendance.  
  • Events in planning (Unconfirmed): 
    • Early October:  Planning is underway to sponsor a trip section to The Carnegie Council.  Details to follow.
OIC:  Dr. Graham Parsons
AOIC: MAJ Sean Dansberger