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AY2012 Spring CFD Semester Schedule
1/12/2012TH120Dr. Hilary Fletcher, MAJ Lee Evans, MAJ Jeremy Riehl, D/Math, USMA Slides1:55
1/19/2012TH120Dr. Inderpal S. Bhandari, Chief Data Officer & VP, Health Data and Analytics, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.Abstract-Bio1:55
1/26/2012TH120COL Edward Naessens, Head, Department of Physics, USMA Abstract-BioSlides1:55
2/2/2012TH120Various Instructors from D/Math1:55
2/23/2012TH120Program Directors 1:55
3/1/2012TH120COL Thomas A. Kolditz, Head, Behavioral Sciences & Leadership Abstract-BioSlides1:55
3/22/2012TH120Dr. William J. Cook, Chandler Family Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech Abstract-Bio1:55
3/29/2012TH242David McQueeneyAbstract-Bio1:55
4/2/2012TH120Dr. Charles Suffel, Professor, Dean of Graduate Academics, Stevens Institute of Technology Abstract-Bio1:55
4/12/2012TH120Dr. Brian Winkel, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, USMA 1:55
4/26/2012TH120Dr. Mont Hubbard, University of California - Davis Abstract-BioSlides1:55
4/19/2012TH120LTC Libby Schott and MAJ Heather Jackson, USMA 1:55