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West Point Center for Faculty Development Vision

The Mathematics Center for Faculty Development (CFD) at the United States Military Academy, is responsible for the overall faculty development program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The Center also coordinates and provides guidance for several programs within the Department in order to ensure all faculty are prepared and confident to be the best instructors they can. The CFD builds on the recognized strengths of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and seeks to benefit from resources beyond the department to help develop all faculty.

One of the primary responsibilities of the CFD is to plan and coordinate seminars that empower and develop the faculty on topics to include teaching, curriculum, research, service, and developmental issues. The sessions include invited speakers (from outside the Department), presentations by the Mathematical Sciences faculty, discussions, and other activities.

The CFD also supervises the planning and execution of two significant faculty development events. First is the Department's Faculty Development Workshop (FDW), a rigorous five week program for new instructors in the Department. More information on FDW can be found here. Second is the Improving College Mathematics Teaching Through Faculty Development workshop, a National Science Foundation (NSF) and Mathematical Association of America (Professional Enhancement Program – PREP) sponsored effort which invites faculty development leaders from around the country to West Point to discuss superior faculty development methods. More information on this workshop can be found here.

The CFD coordinates the faculty development programs within the Department. Each one of the core mathematics program holds a weekly “program director’s time" when all of the instructors teaching in the course gather to discussion teaching topics, to include challenges encountered in the classroom. The CFD recommends to the program directors ideas to be discussed, ideas that would be better discussed in these meetings rather than in a Department gathering. The CFD also supports and encourages research and pedagogy seminars initiated by members of the department.

The CFD provides outreach support to other West Point departments by inviting, promoting, and coordinating visits by faculty from these departments to talks that are applicable to a wider audience, talks in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and in other departments. The CFD also provides outreach support for other undergraduate mathematics programs throughout the country. This outreach is primarily in the form of providing guidance as to how to begin a faculty development program and then how to maintain it.