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Faculty Development Workshop (FDW)


The Faculty Development Workshop (FDW) is a 5-wk orientation/training program for new faculty in the USMA Math Department. Training includes teambuilding activities, departmental and academy agency overviews, academic practice classes, and social events. The purpose of this site is to maintain and disseminate useful information for FDW.

FDW Schedule

The FDW Schedule is a living document that is designed to allow time for inprocessing, scheduling appointments and other activities associated with moving to a new installation. However, the primary goal of FDW is to provide incoming faculty the opportunity to improve their teaching skills while enhancing their knowledge of educational philosophy. When you arrive, we will adjust your practice classes to work around your known absences (inprocessing appointments / household goods delivery, etc.).


Hot Links

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Team Building
Social Functions
  • Social Function Sign-up. Many of the department's social functions require you to RSVP utilizing the "Math Database."  To access the database, you must be connected to the USMA server when accessing the Math Database from the Math Info page.
  • Army Football Tickets.  Army Math Fan Zone.


Organizational Goals & Values


  • Information regarding teaching will be linked here in the future.
  • Tech labs throughout FDW will be focused on the course you are assigned to teach.  For future MA 103 instructors, the tech will be focused on excel and basic Mathematica use.  MA 205 instructors will focus heavily on Mathematica.
  • MA103 Course Description
    • MA103 is the first course of the mathematics core curriculum. It emphasizes applied mathematics through modeling and using effective problem solving strategies and modeling theory to solve complex and often, ill-defined problems. The course exercises mathematical concepts while nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and learning through activities performed in disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary settings. Special emphasis is placed on introducing calculus using continuous and discrete mathematics through applied settings. The course exploits a variety of technological tools to develop numerical, graphical, and analytical solutions that enhance understanding.
  • MA205 Course Description
    • The purpose of MA205 is to enhance the ability of each cadet to reason scientifically, solve quantitative problems, and communicate results.  Specifically, MA205 will encourage cadets to think and act creatively and to communicate in writing and orally using precise language. The overarching objectives in MA205 are: (1) understand the concepts of integral calculus (single and multivariable) and apply these concepts to solve problems, and (2) model problems using ordinary differential equations and apply basic solution techniques.