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Center for Faculty Excellence : ATCL54_Testimonials

Center for Faculty Excellence

Advanced Technology Classroom Laboratory (ATCL-54)
Faculty Testimonials

See what faculty are saying about the Advanced Technology Classroom Laboratory...

MAJKimball2.jpg"The multiple screens allowed me to re-arrange the classroom in such a way that there was no “front”, and thus, by default, no one area that the students gave deference to. Instead, because they could see the material on screen from anywhere in the room, it encouraged much more free-flowing discussion and student interaction. Also, independent controls (allow the) simultaneous display of a map, a graphic, and related text and (let) students integrate all three. The collaborative functions...let...students (work together) on a digital timeline much more effectively than (is possible) on a conventional whiteboard – and the result was portable at the end, rather than being fixed in position. I used some aspect of the “smart classroom” in almost every lesson.

MAJ Raymond Kimball
Operations Officer,
Center for Company-level Leaders

MAJDonigian.jpgThe Advanced Technology Classroom (ATCL) allowed (me) to: "...highlight cadet individual and group work, increase the quality of out of class prep, allow cadets to create take-home packages from classroom work," and enhanced my teaching of the course by " me make the learning more active and more visual on the part of the cadet. It facilitated collaborative techniques."

MAJ Aram Donigian
Instructor, PL300: Military Leadership
Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership

LTCMorales3.jpg"I used the ATCL (to) allow the cadets to plan their unit presentation as I supervise the development on the screens. The ATCL provides me the opportunity to make corrections or point out outstanding strategies students are using. Without this equipment, cadets will work this project in a vacuum and active learning does not occur. The ability for me to see their work and for the students to be able to comment and work better in groups is unique to the ATCL and it has greatly improved the end state of the final project. (The ATCL) instructors options for the feedback that they will provide. I am constantly recommending this facility to the instructors that I mentor."

Hector R. Morales-Negron
Lieutenant Colonel, Academy Professor USMA PhD
Department of Physical Education

Vidler.jpg" class (in the ATCL) the other day went GREAT. All the technology worked as expected (we had the Smart Board and one of the touch-screen monitors). The cadets seemed to really enjoy the change of scenery and the interactivity of the Smart Board. THANKS!"

Laura L. Vidler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of Foreign Languages

"...(being able to) show multiple slides (or) websites simultaneously (helped) to facilitate discussion, since the class was about online research and we were able to compare (and) contrast various search engines." (The room) " easy to reserve, easy to use, and a good change of pace from the normal classroom."

MAJ Edward Cox
Instructor, American Politics, Policy, and Strategy
Department of Social Sciences
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