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Center for Faculty Excellence : Classroom_Response_Systems

Center for Faculty Excellence

Classroom Response Systems
Leverage Technology in the Classroom for Student Success

Classroom response devices, often referred to as “clickers”, an educational technology gaining in popularity for the past several years, can increase class participation in the higher education setting by engaging students in an interactive learning experience that encourages success. clicker_receiver.jpgThis technology provides immediate interactive response functionality to students and educators, which can be used to both evaluate the collective understanding of the entire class and to track individual student learning at the point of instruction. The net result of implementing classroom response technology in your course can be an increase in student involvement, comprehension and retention.  Essentially, TurningPoint integrates with PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 to allow faculty to create interactive questions for measuring comprehension, reviewing assigned materials, awarding participation points, grading tests, and more. The software also allows for creating reports for many of your course needs: from individual student participation scores to entire section results, or evaluate results based on demographics or work groups.

Below are links to various studies, white papers, articles and manuals for TurningPoint, as well as the installer for the software. You can download and install TurningPoint to start learning about how to create interactive slides in PowerPoint using simulated response data before implementing it into your live classroom.

At CFE (426 Jefferson Library), we have several sets of Turning Point Audience Response Devices ("clickers"). Each set consists of 18-25 audience response cards, a usb transceiver, prd_md_rf_carrycases_card.jpga quick-start manual and short-cut card and a TurningPoint install CD, all in a convenient carry case. Please contact Patrick Gill at 938-4670 to check availability and arrange for "basic training".

Articles, Studies & White Papers:

Manuals, Guides & Best Practices from Turning Technologies

Where to go for help and support:

Call Patrick Gill in the CFE at 938-4670 or email him at:

For product support related questions, you can call, toll-free, 1-866-746-3015, and ask to speak with a Customer Support Specialist (7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Eastern Time); or you can email them at:

For additional product support, use the following resources from Turning Technologies®: