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Center for Faculty Excellence : Classroom_Technology

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Using Technology in the Classroom
Working with Laptops and Plasma "Touch Screens" in the ATCL Classroom

Laptop2.jpgAll USMA cadets currently have laptop computers and iPads®. Are you ready for or have you had experience with this technology in your classroom? Can or does it improve cadet learning? How? What are or will be some problems you may encounter? For the past ten years, faculty members have been teaching cadet classes employing a variety of classroom and web-based technologies, both in and out of the Advanced Classroom Technology Laboratory. Here are some of the lessons learned:

Master Teacher Program Projects on Teaching with Technology
Inga EmeryA General Framework for Creating Written Texts in the Introductory Level German Classroom and BeyondEmery_2017Emery_2017.pdf117 KB
Erik KoberA Science Contested: American Military Science and the Efficacy of Instruction for the futureKober_17Kober_17.pdf214 KB
Matthew DaigleA Visual Approach to Introducing the Structure of RussianDaigle_17Daigle_17.pdf874 KB
Danielle Biering and Celio BieringApplication of Flipped Classrooms to Military Science CoursesBiering_17Biering_17.pdf382 KB
Matthew FletcherApplying Student-Slected Collaboration Group Attributes to Instructor-SelectionFletcher_17Fletcher_17.PDF1876 KB
Matthew SherburneApplyinh Learning Transference in Engineering Courses Through the Use of Amateur Radio LicensingSherburne_17Sherburne_17.pdf211 KB
Jeremiah StacheAssessing Individual Temperament and Group Performance in a Project-Based Learning ExperienceStache_17Stache_17.pdf341 KB
David MillerAssessing the Use of Simulations in Increasing Student Engagement and MotivationMiller_17Miller_17.pdf325 KB
Michael MunroeAssessment and Learning DomainsMunroe_17Munroe_17.pdf165 KB
Alexander BedardAugmented and Ibtrinsic Feedback in Motor Learning of the Bodyweight SquatBedard_17Bedard_17.pdf704 KB
Lukas Berg, John ChambersBet Out the Vote: Prediction Markets as a Tool tp Promote Undergraduate Political EngagementBerg-Chambers_17Berg-Chambers_17.pdf325 KB
Kyle KingCan Cadets Really Code?King_17King_17.pdf162 KB
Robert AliCombatting Introversion in the ClassroomAli_17Ali_17.pdf76 KB
Csaba A. BakosConstructing Knowledge in Military Higher EducationBakos_17Bakos_17.pdf154 KB
Christopher MoreyContinuing Education for a Technically-focused WorkforceMorey_17Morey_17.pdf77 KB
John Davis, Andrew GillickCourse Material Accessability and Organization: A Comparitive Study of Google Sites and SharePointGillick_17Gillick_17.pdf374 KB
Sandra Jackson, Chane JacksonDoes Teacher Practice Make for Student PerformanceJackson-Sandra-Chane_17Jackson-Sandra-Chane_17.pdf122 KB
Lisa Bromberg, Michael SeminelliEffectivness of We-based Quizzes in Mathematics CoursesBromberg-Seminelli_17Bromberg-Seminelli_17.pdf728 KB
Daniel CapozzaElectronic Portfolios as a Thread of Continuity in a Cadet's Forty-seven Month Developmental JourneyCapozza_17Capozza_17.pdf166 KB
Benjamin DaltonEnhancing Learning through Coaching: Cadet Company Coaching and DevelopmentDalton_17Dalton_17.pdf68 KB
Jared WareEvaluating Learning Effectiveness Usin Generalization Techniques: Online, Traditional, or Hybrid Lectures?Ware_17Ware_17.pdf840 KB
Caleb Goble and Nicholas LorussoExperiential Learning as it Applies to Developing Army OfficersGoble-LoRusso_17Goble-LoRusso_17.pdf94 KB
Charles SchoolerFor Novice Programmers: Worked-Out Examples or Problem-Based LearningSchooler_17Schooler_17.pdf425 KB
Steven J. Condlyg: The bedrock of skill acquisition, competence, and capacity for cognitive complexity in leader and leadership developmentCondly_17Condly_17.pdf290 KB
Brendan GriswoldGetting Them to Talk: A Literature Review of How to Generate Effective Classroom DiscussionGriswold_17Griswold_17.pdf323 KB
James FinocchiaroHow the Idea of Capstone Projects Could be Applied to Assist Classroom LearningFinocchiaro_17Finocchiaro_17.pdf64 KB
Andrew ZapfHumor and Teaching Foreign LanguagesZapf_17Zapf_17.pdf98 KB
Russell Nowels, Jennifer HewitImproved Learning in Physical Education Through Immediate Video FeedbackNowels-Hewit_17Nowels-Hewit_17.pdf107 KB
Christopher NixonIntroduction to Physical Geography: Improving Our Ability to Teach PlebesNixon_17Nixon_17.pdf482 KB
Jay SharritJesus, The Master TeacherSharritt_17Sharritt_17.pdf304 KB
Roberet ThomsonMentoring in Cyber Education Capture-the-Flag Excercises tp Promote Good Cyber Hygiene in Disadvantaged PopulationsThomson_17Thomson_17.pdf470 KB
Luciana HermanMore Than Getting By With a Little Help From a Friend: The Benefits of Peer-Enhanced LearningHerman_17Herman_17.pdf427 KB
Oliver MooreOut of Class Out of Mind: Examining the Effects of the Flipped ClassroomMoore_17Moore_17.pdf660 KB
Thomas Menn, Richard NelsonTeaching Critical Thinking Through Domain KnowledgeMenn-Nelson_17Menn-Nelson_17.pdf255 KB
Adam KarrTeaching Writing in a WAC WorldKarr_17Karr_17.pdf71 KB
Kwansah AckahTeaching, Learning, Educating - The Complex Trilogy to Securing a Learned SocietyAckah_17Ackah_17.pdf98 KB
Joshua Borrell, Nicholas Cosmas, James Grymes, Joel RadunzelThe Effectiveness of Kahoot! as a Pre-lesson Assessment toolBorrell-Cosmas-Grymes-Radunzel_17Borrell-Cosmas-Grymes-Radunzel_17.pdf236 KB
Richard HuttonThe Effects of Online Discussion Boards on In-Class DiscussionHutton_17Hutton_17.pdf85 KB
imothy KibbeThe History of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and its Use in the ClassroomKibbe_17Kibbe_17.pdf75 KB
John ChamberlinThe Impact of Vituralized Technology on Undergraduate Computer Networking EducationChamberlin_17Chamberlin_17.pdf408 KB
Christine KeatingThe Intersection of Historical Methodology and Character Development in the Undergraduate History ClassroomKeating_17Keating_17.pdf140 KB
Darren KerrUnderstanding Why Students Do Not Complete Required Readings and How to Incraese the Completion Rate of Assigned ReadingsKerr_17Kerr_17.pdf76 KB
Leila KetterlinusUsing Games In Teaching Foriegn LanguagesKetterlinus_17Ketterlinus_17.pdf44 KB
Curtis KimbrellUsing Student Perception Surveys to Evaluate and Improve TeachingKimbrell_17Kimbrell_17.pdf59 KB
Brian BoylesVirtual Reality and Augmented Reality in EducationBoyles_17Boyles_17.pdf334 KB
Beth MentisWhat are the Key Elements of an Effective Laboratory Program for an Introdcutory Chemistry Course?Mentis_17Mentis_17.pdf89 KB
Evan Davies; Perry BoldingA Literature Review of the Teaching Methods used in Financial Literacy EducationDavies-Bolding_16Davies-Bolding_16.pdf85 KB
Luis VegaA Two-Year Evolution, How My Teaching Changed Over a Two-Year Period and the Consquences of that ChangeVega_16Vega_16.pdf249 KB
Lucas FallotAnamorphic Ethnography Study: A Contrastive Analysis of Two General Chemistry Teaching Methods Develops into a Professional Development OpportunityFallot_2016Fallot_2016.pdf962 KB
Stephen HummelApplications of Guided Inquiry in Re-building Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math SkillsHummel_16Hummel_16.pdf347 KB
Mark HasemanCollaborative COmpletion of Homework Solutions Using Virtual White Board TechnologyHaseman_16Haseman_16.pdf182 KB
JUAN REMYCombatting Dualistic Thinking with Problem-Based Learning in my classroomRemy_16Remy_16.pdf286 KB
Eddie JacksonConcept Mapping: Developing Critical Thinking through Mind MappingEJackson_16EJackson_16.pdf446 KB
Wendy CoxCracking the Code:  What Motivates Students to Prepare for Class?Cox_16Cox_16.pdf61 KB
David Culver; Britton Landry; Matthew Mogensen; Peter YoungDoes Timeliness of Feedback Affect Student Learning?Culver-Landry-Mogensen-Young_16Culver-Landry-Mogensen-Young_16.pdf758 KB
Brandon SoltwischDriving Cadet Classroom Engagement: A Model of Academic Motivation at the United States Military AcademySoltwisch_16Soltwisch_16.pdf154 KB
Mike PowellEngaging Gifted Students in a Heterogeneous ClassroomPowell_16Powell_16.pdf154 KB
Mathew Fukuzawa; Dan Koban; Ryan Slocum; Jamar WrightExamining the Effects of Daily Required Homework on Student AchievementFukuzawa-Koban-Slocum-Wright_16Fukuzawa-Koban-Slocum-Wright_16.pdf525 KB
Aaron FreidenbergExploring the Link Between Intrinsic Motivation and the Growth MindsetFreidenberg_16Freidenberg_16.pdf484 KB
Daigo HirayamaExtending the Instructor: Classroom Instruction and TechnologyHirayama_16Hirayama_16.pdf444 KB
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