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Center for Faculty Excellence : Classroom_Technology

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Using Technology in the Classroom
Working with Laptops and Plasma "Touch Screens" in the ATCL Classroom

Laptop2.jpgAll USMA cadets currently have laptop computers and soon, all cadets may have tablets, and possibly iPods®. Are you ready for or have you had experience with this technology in your classroom? Can or does it improve cadet learning? How? What are or will be some problems you may encounter? For the past ten years, faculty members have been teaching cadet classes employing a variety of classroom and web-based technologies, both in and out of the Advanced Classroom Technology Laboratory. Here are some of the lessons learned:

Master Teacher Program Projects on Teaching with Technology
Stephen A. LewandowskiAssessment of Tablet Use in an Environmental Science CourseLewandowski_13Lewandowski_13.pdf219 KB
RYAN GOYINGSiPads in the Engineering ClassroomGoyings_13Goyings_13.pdf627 KB
Christian DietzRemodeling Class Preparation Activities to Leverage TechnologyDietz_13Dietz_13.pdf146 KB
Joshua RykowskiRobots in the Classroom: A Platform for Driving Interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math DisciplinesRykowski_13Rykowski_13.pdf136 KB
Pamela E. HarrisStrengthening Communication Skills Through Cadet-Created Homework VideosHarris_13Harris_13.pdf350 KB
Troy A. BuppThe Benefits of Using Email to Maintain Structured Instructor Accessibility in Assisting Student-Driven Learning of MathematicsBupp_13Bupp_13.pdf628 KB
Timothy R. CarignanThe Efficacy of Video Feedback for Learning Swim StrokesCarignan_13Carignan_13.pdf124 KB
William F. McCalmontThe Feasibility of Distance Learning with the Traditional Laboratory-Based Chemistry ClassMcCalmont_13McCalmont_13.pdf528 KB
Louis P. NemecUsing Facebook Groups to Extend the Classroom ExperienceNemec_13Nemec_13.pdf163 KB
Jordan M. BeckerUsing iPads in Undergraduate Comparative PoliticsBecker_13Becker_13.pdf565 KB
Jeffrey J. ScottDistance Education - Lit ReviewScott_12Scott_12.pdf195 KB
Laura MosherHow do you Google? Assessing Teaching in an Information Literacy ClassMosher_12Mosher_12.pdf996 KB
Andrew SwedbergKhan Academy Videos: A Valuable Teaching SupplementSwedberg_12Swedberg_12.pdf579 KB
Mark WhitemanLearning Spoken Arabic through Computer-Assisted Instruction: An integrated approachWhiteman_12Whiteman_12.pdf173 KB
Christopher WeldListen to this! Utilizing Audio Recordings to Improve Instructor Feedback on Writing in MathematicsWeld_12Weld_12.pdf1355 KB
John R. BaconThe Capabilities of facebook in a Math CourseBacon_12Bacon_12.pdf1128 KB
Eric J. ThornburgUsing iPads in Undergraduate MathematicsThornburg_12Thornburg_12.pdf211 KB
Elliott BirdAnalysis of the Effectiveness of Interactive Response Devices to Enhance Understanding of Concepts in General ChemistryBird_11Bird_11.pdf105 KB
Irvin OliverPowerPoint at West Point: Classroom Help or Hindrance?Oliver_11Oliver_11.pdf574 KB
Christopher J. MidberryThe Effectiveness of Digital Reading Devices in a College SettingMidberry_11Midberry_11.pdf129 KB
R. Bruce FloersheimThe state of the traditional textbook in the face of a technological onslaughtFloersheim_11Floersheim_11.pdf139 KB
MAJ Holly CribbA Review of Clicker UseCribb_10Cribb_10.pdf104 KB
Stephen A. ReschCourse Management Systems in the College ClassroomResch_10Resch_10.pdf62 KB
MAJ Harold HendersonDistance EducationHenderson_10Henderson_10.pdf58 KB
MAJ Brian HallbergStudent Interaction in Distance Learning ProgramsBHallberg_10BHallberg_10.pdf93 KB
Aram M. DonigianTeaching for Learning in the 21st Century: A Pedagogical Approach for Using an Advanced Technology ClassroomDonigian_10Donigian_10.pdf122 KB
MAJ Margaret NowickiThe Role of Technology in Communication Outside of the ClassroomMNowicki_10MNowicki_10.pdf37 KB
CPT Chad BalfanzThe Use of Computer Technology in the Classroom: “Relax! It’s Only a Change in the Tools.”Balfanz_10Balfanz_10.pdf100 KB
CPT Ryan DunmireThe Use of Instructional Technology in the Classroom: Selection and EffectivenessDunmire_10Dunmire_10.pdf114 KB
MAJ Brian DunmireBlogging in the Classroom: The State of the FieldDunmire_09Dunmire_09.pdf40 KB
MAJ Nicholas PennolaEducation Through Video GamesPennola_09Pennola_09.pdf47 KB
MAJ S. Justin PlattGetting the Wax Out: Audio Feedback in the Composition ClassroomPlatt_09Platt_09.pdf178 KB
MAJ Hise GibsonIntegrating Facebook into the ClassroomGibson_09Gibson_09.pdf75 KB
Sam Abott-McCuneTechnology Infusion for Undergraduate EducationAbbottMc_09AbbottMc_09.pdf102 KB
MAJ Adam J. Czekanski, MAJ David-Michael P. RouxThe Use of Clicker Technology to Evaluate Short and Long Term Concept RetentionCzekansk_09Czekansk_09.pdf120 KB
MR Jason SubyThe Use of Videotape Feedback in Physical EducationSuby_09Suby_09.pdf56 KB
COL Kevin McNabbUse of an Audience Response System to Evaluate and Streamline a General Chemistry ClassMcNabb_09McNabb_09.pdf356 KB
MAJ Alexander S. MentisVirtual Learning and the Tech Generation DebateMentis_09Mentis_09.pdf61 KB
Mike Shekleton and Bill SkimmyhornMeasuring the Effect of Aplia on Cadet Performance in the Principles of Economics CourseSkimShek_08SkimShek_08.pdf292 KB
MAJ Duane Fairfax, COL Kevin Huggins, COL Bryan GodaA Deliberate Integration of Information Technology into the ClassroomFairfaxHugginsGoda_07FairfaxHugginsGoda_07.pdf227 KB
Jeff Gribschaw, Paul Patterson, Bryan GodaACTIVE-HDL, MULTISIM, CADENCE… THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY TO TEACH CAD/E TOOLSPattersonGribschaw_07PattersonGribschaw_07.pdf316 KB
MAJ Thomas M. Deveans, MAJ Heather JacksonAn Exploration Assessing WebAssign Using Student and Instructor Feedback DeveansJackson_07DeveansJackson_07.pdf67 KB
LTC Shelly EconomCopyright Challenges in Higher EducationEconom_07Econom_07.pdf1485 KB
MAJ Jong ChungIntegrating Technology into the ClassroomChung_07Chung_07.pdf75 KB
LTC Raymond A KimballMaking History: Podcasting in the USMA World History CourseKimball_07Kimball_07.pdf138 KB
MAJ James L. Doty IIIOnline Reading: The Perceptions and Practices of Cadets in an Advanced History ClassDoty_07Doty_07.pdf228 KB
MAJ Thaddeus UnderwoodTechnology in the Classroom: A brief analysis of a core course at West PointUnderwood_07Underwood_07.pdf394 KB