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Center for Faculty Excellence : Classroom_Technology

Center for Faculty Excellence

Using Technology in the Classroom
Working with Laptops and Plasma "Touch Screens" in the ATCL Classroom

Laptop2.jpgAll USMA cadets currently have laptop computers and iPads®. Are you ready for or have you had experience with this technology in your classroom? Can or does it improve cadet learning? How? What are or will be some problems you may encounter? For the past ten years, faculty members have been teaching cadet classes employing a variety of classroom and web-based technologies, both in and out of the Advanced Classroom Technology Laboratory. Here are some of the lessons learned:

Master Teacher Program Projects on Teaching with Technology
Evan Davies; Perry BoldingA Literature Review of the Teaching Methods used in Financial Literacy EducationDavies-Bolding_16Davies-Bolding_16.pdf85 KB
Luis VegaA Two-Year Evolution, How My Teaching Changed Over a Two-Year Period and the Consquences of that ChangeVega_16Vega_16.pdf249 KB
Lucas FallotAnamorphic Ethnography Study: A Contrastive Analysis of Two General Chemistry Teaching Methods Develops into a Professional Development OpportunityFallot_2016Fallot_2016.pdf962 KB
Stephen HummelApplications of Guided Inquiry in Re-building Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math SkillsHummel_16Hummel_16.pdf347 KB
Mark HasemanCollaborative COmpletion of Homework Solutions Using Virtual White Board TechnologyHaseman_16Haseman_16.pdf182 KB
JUAN REMYCombatting Dualistic Thinking with Problem-Based Learning in my classroomRemy_16Remy_16.pdf286 KB
Eddie JacksonConcept Mapping: Developing Critical Thinking through Mind MappingEJackson_16EJackson_16.pdf446 KB
Wendy CoxCracking the Code:  What Motivates Students to Prepare for Class?Cox_16Cox_16.pdf61 KB
David Culver; Britton Landry; Matthew Mogensen; Peter YoungDoes Timeliness of Feedback Affect Student Learning?Culver-Landry-Mogensen-Young_16Culver-Landry-Mogensen-Young_16.pdf758 KB
Brandon SoltwischDriving Cadet Classroom Engagement: A Model of Academic Motivation at the United States Military AcademySoltwisch_16Soltwisch_16.pdf154 KB
Mike PowellEngaging Gifted Students in a Heterogeneous ClassroomPowell_16Powell_16.pdf154 KB
Mathew Fukuzawa; Dan Koban; Ryan Slocum; Jamar WrightExamining the Effects of Daily Required Homework on Student AchievementFukuzawa-Koban-Slocum-Wright_16Fukuzawa-Koban-Slocum-Wright_16.pdf525 KB
Aaron FreidenbergExploring the Link Between Intrinsic Motivation and the Growth MindsetFreidenberg_16Freidenberg_16.pdf484 KB
Daigo HirayamaExtending the Instructor: Classroom Instruction and TechnologyHirayama_16Hirayama_16.pdf444 KB
Patrick BrundageFrom Social Network Analysis to Classroom Network AnalysisBrundage_16Brundage_16.pdf452 KB
Michael JacksonGamification in EducationMJackson_16MJackson_16.pdf214 KB
Jasmine Walker MotupalliIntegration and Analysis of an Iterative Feedback and Assessment Methodology (IFAM)Motupalli_16Motupalli_16.pdf814 KB
Adrian BiggerstaffInvestigation of Probabilistic Multiple-Choice Assessments in a Structural Design CourseBiggerstaff_16Biggerstaff_16.pdf865 KB
Nolan LasiterIt's not What we teach it's How we teachLasiter_16Lasiter_16.pdf91 KB
Cole PinheiroLaughing your way through Higher Education: the Pros and Cons of using Humor in the College Classroom Pinheiro_16Pinheiro_16.pdf634 KB
Jamie HickmanLeaders Making Leaders: Crafting Effective Learning Strategies to Promote Army LeadershipHickman_16Hickman_16.pdf87 KB
Lauren Koban; Colin TanseyLiterature Review and Analysis of Multi-Grade vs. Single Grade Education at the United States Military AcademyTansey-Koban_16Tansey-Koban_16.pdf102 KB
Elizabeth VelillaOptimzing the role of cognitive resilience in the classroom to moderate the impact of ego depletion in Higher EducationVelilla_16Velilla_16.pdf60 KB
Evan WestgateOvercoming the 6.5 Meter Tower: Psychological Approaches for West Point Survival SwimmingWestgate_16Westgate_16.pdf252 KB
Richard Knox and Gavin SchwanPay Dirt:  Multiple Approaches to Cooperative Learning in Physical GeographyKnox-Schwan_16Knox-Schwan_16.pdf139 KB
Frederick BlackPositive Effects of Peer Coaching: A Literature ReviewBlack_16Black_16.pdf204 KB
Michael DargavellPreparing Cadets for the Physical Demands of Combat: PE 450 Army Fitness Development instructional techniques and strategies for teaching/implementing specific exercises and stretches to reduce lower back pain and injuriesDargavell_16Dargavell_16.pdf284 KB
Michael RybackiPrincipled Negotiation: Teaching Problem-Solving, Decision-making and Critical Thinking Skills in LeadersRybacki_16Rybacki_16.pdf235 KB
William GravesRelationships between Assessment Tools and Evaluation Events for MC300: Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and DesignGraves_16Graves_16.pdf1605 KB
Heather RitcheyShaping Our Future Students: The Impact of STEM Outreach ProgramsRitchey_16Ritchey_16.pdf127 KB
Charles RowanSupporting Semesters Abroad Using Technology: An Analysis of Distance Learning ConsiderationsRowan_16Rowan_16.pdf145 KB
Linda Mallory; Adam Scher Teaching a New Generation of Citizen-Soldiers: How a congressional simulation exercise helps to develop future leaders of character at the United States Military Academy Mallory_16Mallory_16.pdf218 KB
George Hughbanks; Jon PaynterTeaching Math Modeling: Emphasizing the Transform Step with MicroProjectsHughbanks-Paynter_16Hughbanks-Paynter_16.pdf7855 KB
Tyler PattersonTeaching Techniques in Physical Education:  Lecturing versus Cooperative Group-LearningPatterson_16Patterson_16.pdf115 KB
Corbett Baxter, Brian Forester, Rachel Milstein SondheimerThe Effects of Faculty Ideology on Changes in Student IdeologyBaxter-Forester-Sondheimer_16Baxter-Forester-Sondheimer_16.pdf234 KB
Chad FitzgeraldThe Pros and Cons of Oral Examinations in Undergraduate EducationFitzgerald_16Fitzgerald_16.pdf91 KB
Saythala PhonexayphovaThe Teacher as a Moral Exemplar: Do as I Say! Not as I Do? Phonexayphova_16Phonexayphova_16.pdf246 KB
Joshua KeenaTo E or not to E… A literature review comparing electronic and traditional print books in higher educationKeena_16Keena_16.pdf620 KB
Cameron TurnerTraining Cadets for the Pushup: Literature ReviewTurner_16Turner_16.pdf112 KB
Ben Blane; William Rothrock; Don Sedivy; Josh SilverTransitioning Incoming Professionals into Effective Instructors:  The Processes for New Instructor Programs (NIP)Blane-Rothrock-Sedivy-Silver_16Blane-Rothrock-Sedivy-Silver_16.pdf672 KB
Joshua MolgaardUse of Peer Instruction and Clickers in Nuclear Engineering Courses at the United States Military AcademyMolgaard_16Molgaard_16.pdf166 KB
Joseph LynchUsing Appreciative Inquiry and its Educational Derivatives at USMALynch_16Lynch_16.pdf357 KB
Donald R. JacksonChallange and be challenged by studentsJackson_15Jackson_15.pdf35 KB
Patrick SnyderDeveloping Character and Teaching Ethics; a Review of the Literature Snyder_15Snyder_15.pdf289 KB
Patrick Miller and Jay IrelandDIRT ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES - AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH TO PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYMiller-Ireland_15Miller-Ireland_15.pdf845 KB
Scott A HunterDoes Online Homework Increase Motiviation to Complete Homework?Hunter_15Hunter_15.pdf60 KB
Nathan ShowmanEfficiency in the Physical Education Setting: Maximizing Class Time and Enhancing AutomatizationShowman_15Showman_15.pdf191 KB
Eric TollefsonEvaluating Peer Contributions to Group WorkTollefson_15Tollefson_15.pdf65 KB
Jason Garneau; Darrin Griffin; Sherry VenereFacebook and the L2 Classroom: Engaging 21st Century StudentsGarneau-Griffin-Vener_15Garneau-Griffin-Vener_15.pdf293 KB
Germán VillarroelHow passion can make the difference in the classroomVillarroel_15Villarroel_15.pdf727 KB
Erik M. DavisHumor in Teaching: An Analysis of the LiteratureDavis _15Davis _15.pdf61 KB
Jonathan E. KlinkImproving the Leadership Talents of my Cadets using Instructor Assigned Groupings Klink_15Klink_15.pdf693 KB
Brent PaffordIndependent Learning Program Proof of Concept for MC311 “Thermal-Fluids Systems I”Pafford_15Pafford_15.pdf978 KB
Christopher Green; Brodie Hoyer; Steve SapolINTERDISCIPLINARY MIDTERM ASSESSMENT PROTOCOL IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION Green-Hoyer-Sapol_ 15Green-Hoyer-Sapol_ 15.pdf566 KB
Adam ScherLeadership Development:  Congressional Simulation Exercise in the Introduction to American Government CourseScher_15Scher_15.pdf252 KB
John BelangerLearning in the Laboratory: Does Group Work Work?Belanger_15Belanger_15.pdf109 KB
Paul de LeonLiterature 2.0: Exploration at the Intersection of Technology and the HumanitiesDeLeon_15DeLeon_15.pdf142 KB
Jeremy GoodinLiterature Review and Analysis of Course Design for a New Core Curriculum Biology Course at the United States Military AcademyGoodin_15Goodin_15.pdf374 KB
Joseph Pedersen; Josiah Pickett; Elijah Ingram; Jose Lavalle-RiveraMeasuring Academic Success IndicatorsPedersen-Pickett-Ingram-LavalleRivera_15Pedersen-Pickett-Ingram-LavalleRivera_15.pdf3377 KB
Paul F. EvangelistaMost Improved Student:  Understanding Positive Change in Academic Performance with Case Studies from West PointEvangelista_15Evangelista_15.pdf342 KB
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