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Master Teacher Program (MTP)
Keyword Search Results for MTP Literature Review Papers
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Student-Centered Teaching, Learning StylesJames Roy GatewoodActive Learning Strategies in College MathematicsGatewood_13Gatewood_13.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, PlanningJames L. PopeAn Integrated Approach to Military Science Course DesignPope_12Pope_12.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TheorySocial Networking, Demographics, Multicultural EducationCharlie LewisBuilding Diverse Classrooms:A Literature Review on Diversity Policy in Higher EducationLewis_14Lewis_14.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryPlanningJohn M WilliamsCH399-Bioengineering: Designing an Interdisciplinary CourseWilliams_14Williams_14.pdf
Techniques & ToolsParticipation, Student-Centered Teaching, Learning Styles, Motivating Students, Student-centered LearningDonald R. JacksonChallange and be challenged by studentsJackson_15Jackson_15.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryParticipation, Social Networking, Motivating StudentsRuss Vander LugtClassroom Crucible: Emotional-Social Intelligence and Student ParticipationVander-Lugt_14Vander-Lugt_14.pdf
Techniques & ToolsGroup WorkDR Kimberlee BonuraClassroom RelationshipsKBonura_08KBonura_08.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsParticipation, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsTom DyrenforthClassroom Success Through Rapport BuildingDyrenforth_14Dyrenforth_14.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryExperiential Learning, Critical Thinking, Learning StylesZachary ReedCollaborative Learning in the ClassroomReed_14Reed_14.pdf
Techniques & ToolsGroup WorkCPT Mike WarrenCollaborative Learning: Valuing Learning Through Untraditional MeansWarren_10Warren_10.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Critical Thinking, Motivating StudentsJoshua SalisburyConstructivism: Paving a Path to KnowledgeSalisbury_13Salisbury_13.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryAbility Grouping, Group Work, Motivating StudentsCharles PowellCooperative Learning Groups: Real World ApplicationsPowell_13Powell_13.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Planning, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsJonathan M. FursmanDesigning a Capstone Course: A Literature Review to Support the Capstone Course in Defense & Strategic StudiesFursman_12Fursman_12.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TheoryProblem-Based Learning, Integrating Technology, Motivating StudentsJoseph L. HeymanDestabilizing Classical Controls Learning: Problems, Projects, and Virtual LabsHeyman_13Heyman_13.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryPlanning, Lecture, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, MetacognitionPatrick SnyderDeveloping Character and Teaching Ethics; a Review of the Literature Snyder_15Snyder_15.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Learning StylesDouglas N. Ralph Jr.Developing Military Leaders in and out of the classroomRalph_11Ralph_11.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryActive Learning, Core Curriculum, Problem-Based Learning, Motivating Students, Integrative Learning, InterdisciplinaryPatrick Miller and Jay IrelandDIRT ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES - AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH TO PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYMiller-Ireland_15Miller-Ireland_15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsDiscussionMAJ Raymond DillmanDiscussion-Based Teaching Methods in English Literature CoursesDillman_09Dillman_09.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Participation, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsStan JohnsonDISRUPTIONS IN THE CLASSROOM LEARNING YOU ARE NOT ALONE – AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT ITJohnson_12Johnson_12.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TechnologyDistance Education, Integrating Technology, Learning StylesJeffrey J. ScottDistance Education - Lit ReviewScott_12Scott_12.pdf
Techniques & ToolsExperiential LearningMAJ David ChangEducating Generation Y in RoboticsChang_08Chang_08.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Planning, Participation, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsMark AdamshickEffective Teaching throughout the Day: “Exploring the Relationship between Teaching and Time”Adamshick_12Adamshick_12.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Planning, Participation, Discussion, Lecture, Integrating TechnologyNathan ShowmanEfficiency in the Physical Education Setting: Maximizing Class Time and Enhancing AutomatizationShowman_15Showman_15.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLecture, Learning StylesChristopher JohnsonEnhacing Lectures with HandoutsJohnson_14Johnson_14.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsExperiential LearningZachary J. MundellEnhancing Student Learning Through SimulationsMundell_11Mundell_11.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Participation, Experiential Learning, Motivating StudentsMatthew RowlandENHANCING SUBJECT MATTER RETENTION WITH IMAGERY, DRAMA, AND SUSPENSE IN THE AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING CLASSROOMRowland_11Rowland_11.pdf
Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Group Work, Collaborative LearningEric TollefsonEvaluating Peer Contributions to Group WorkTollefson_15Tollefson_15.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryStudent Evaluation, Experiential Learning, Motivating StudentsAdrienne PremExploring Interdisciplinary Education as a Means to Increase Student MotivationPrem_13Prem_13.pdf
Techniques & ToolsPlanning, Participation, Motivating StudentsJoseph A. KlingFirst Class MeetingKling_09Kling_09.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Participation, Learning StylesAndrew D. LohmanGeographic Literacy, Objectives, and Active Learning in GeographyLohman_11Lohman_11.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Experiential Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Motivating StudentsJesse L. GermainGuided Discovery: A Twentieth Century Model Proves Useful in the Twenty-First Century ClassroomGermain_13Germain_13.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Student-Centered TeachingBenjamin MitchellHead in the Right Direction: A Model for Discussion Leader, Peer-Assessed Undergraduate Seminars in Political ScienceMitchell_11Mitchell_11.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TechnologyStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Integrating Technology, Learning StylesGlenn GoldmanHITTING THE TARGET: THE USE OF COMPUTER SIMULATIONS TO TEACH, EVALUATE, SUSTAIN AND IMPROVE RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP FOR SOLDIERS Goldman_14Goldman_14.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Planning, Problem-Based LearningJames Bjerkaas and Sarah WolbergHomework vs. Quizzes, Which Evaluation Method is Better?Wolberg_Bjerkaas_12Wolberg_Bjerkaas_12.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Problem-Based LearningWilfred M. BissonHow Clio Learned: An Inquiry into Teaching Historic MethodBisson_11Bisson_11.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLectureMAJ Ramit RingHumor in TeachingRamitrin_08Ramitrin_08.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Participation, Group Work, Student-Centered Teaching, Social Networking, Learning Styles, Motivating Students, Student-centered Learning, Integrative LearningErik M. DavisHumor in Teaching: An Analysis of the LiteratureDavis _15Davis _15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsExperiential Learning, Problem-Based LearningChristopher DulingImproving Conceptual Understanding and Application of Analytical Tools in Technical Courses – A Literature ReviewDuling_11Duling_11.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Discussion, LectureRichard MetroLarge Classroom Instruction - Teaching Tips and TechniquesMetro_07Metro_07.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TechnologyExperiential Learning, Integrating Technology, Critical ThinkingMark WhitemanLearning Spoken Arabic through Computer-Assisted Instruction: An integrated approachWhiteman_12Whiteman_12.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Learning StylesGuy F. WorkmanLearning Styles: Fact or Fiction, A Literature Review of Learning StylesWorkman_12Workman_12.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Learning StylesJoshua G. GlonekLearning Styles: Theories and Pedagogical StrategiesGlonek_13Glonek_13.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsPlanningJolene AyresLesson Planning: Outcomes and Responsibilities in PlanningAyres_14Ayres_14.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLectureLTC Tim SchmoyerLeveraging Rhetoric and Logic in Classroom to Teach Math, Science and EngineeringSchmoyer_08Schmoyer_08.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TechnologyExperiential Learning, Electronic Media, Integrating Technology, Student-centered Learning, Collaborative LearningPaul de LeonLiterature 2.0: Exploration at the Intersection of Technology and the HumanitiesDeLeon_15DeLeon_15.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsPlanning, Lecture, Core Curriculum, Learning StylesJeremy GoodinLiterature Review and Analysis of Course Design for a New Core Curriculum Biology Course at the United States Military AcademyGoodin_15Goodin_15.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Learning Styles, Multicultural EducationJames ReddingMillennial Influence and EducationRedding_11Redding_11.pdf
Techniques & ToolsCritical Thinking, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsNicholas CaluoriMindset and MotivationCaluori_14Caluori_14.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsMotivating StudentsJONATHAN M. GROSSMotivating Students When Grades Don’t (or Barely) MatterGross_11Gross_11.pdf
Techniques & ToolsActive Learning, Participation, Experiential Learning, Student-Centered Teaching, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, Student-centered LearningBonnie KovatchNever Underestimate the Power of PlayKovatch_15Kovatch_15.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & Tools, TheoryAbility Grouping, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsAaron D. AshleyOpportunity versus Ability: A Literature Review of how these are managed and defined.Ashley_13Ashley_13.pdf
Techniques & ToolsGroup WorkMAJ Stephen HamiltonOptimizing Team Selection for Educational Group ProjectsHamilton_10Hamilton_10.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, PlanningStacy GodshallPhased-Array Homework: Used to Shape and Steer Student UnderstandingGodshall_11Godshall_11.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Learning StylesBETHANY KUBIKPREPARING TESTS: STUDENT ASSESSMENT AND EXAMSKubik_13Kubik_13.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsProblem-Based LearningChad C. SchoolsPROBLEM BASED LEARNINGSchools_07Schools_07.pdf
Techniques & ToolsProblem-Based LearningLTC Joseph HittProblem-Based Learning in EngineeringHitt_10Hitt_10.pdf
Techniques & ToolsDiscussionMAJ Eric SwensonRapport In The ClassroomSwenson_10Swenson_10.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsCritical Thinking, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsNadine RossReflective Writing: an Approach to Developing Critical Thinking & Proficient WritingRoss_11Ross_11.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TechnologyExperiential Learning, Integrating Technology, Motivating StudentsJoshua RykowskiRobots in the Classroom: A Platform for Driving Interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math DisciplinesRykowski_13Rykowski_13.pdf
Techniques & ToolsStudent-Centered TeachingMAJ Patrick SchoofStudent Accountability in Student-Centered LearningSchoof_10Schoof_10.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Participation, Student-Centered Teaching, Motivating Students, Student-centered LearningShawn SchreoderStudent Engagement: Cracking the CodeSchroeder_15Schroeder_15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsStudent-Centered TeachingMAJ Duane TurnerStudent-Centered Teaching: A Look at Student Choice in the ClassroomTurner_10Turner_10.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Planning, Problem-Based Learning, Critical Thinking, Integrative LearningMatthew KemkesStudy Methodology to Promote Active LearningKemkes _15Kemkes _15.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Motivating StudentsWilliam TaylorSTUDYING & UNDERSTANDING MOTIVATIONTaylor_12Taylor_12.pdf
Techniques & ToolsActive Learning, Learning Outcomes, Critical Thinking, Learning StylesJesse ZuckStylized Learning: A Review of Recent Trends in Learning Styles ResearchZuck_15Zuck_15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsActive Learning, Learning Outcomes, Experiential Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Critical Thinking, Multicultural Education, Student-centered LearningSarah MartinTask-Based Learning in the L2 ClassroomMartin_ 15Martin_ 15.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryActive Learning, Faculty Evaluation, Planning, Critical Thinking, Motivating StudentsMatthew McNealTeacher Quality and Effectiveness: The Nucleus of EducationMcNeal_15McNeal_15.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsExperiential Learning, Critical Thinking, Motivating StudentsSTEVEN P. VARGOTEACHING BY DEBATEVargo_12Vargo_12.pdf
Techniques & ToolsProblem-Based LearningDR John Rogers, MAJ Jason EversTeaching Computer Aided Drafting and Design (Cadd) to Undergraduates*EverRgrs_08EverRgrs_08.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Experiential Learning, Multicultural EducationS. Dewayne WhiteTeaching Culture in the Foreign Language ClassroomWhite_11White_11.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Experiential Learning, Critical Thinking, Learning StylesJoseph FoustTeaching Public Speaking Over the DecadesFoust_12Foust_12.pdf
Techniques & ToolsExperiential Learning, Problem-Based LearningScott D. LathropTEACHING TECHNIQUES FOR ADVANCED COMPUTER PROGRAMMINGLathrop_10Lathrop_10.pdf
Techniques & ToolsGroup WorkLTC Robert RabbTeam TeachingRabb_09Rabb_09.pdf
Techniques & ToolsPlanningDawn E. RiegnerTEAM TEACHING IN COLLEGERiegner_07Riegner_07.pdf
Techniques & ToolsParticipation, Group Work, Lecture, Student-Centered Teaching, Learning Styles, Motivating Students, Student-centered LearningMegan CumpstonTechniques of Teaching: A Primer for Instructors in the Department of Social SciencesCumpston_15Cumpston_15.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsFaculty Evaluation, Student Evaluation, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsRenee RamseyTechniques of Teaching: A Primer for Instructors in the Department of Social SciencesRamsey_15Ramsey_15.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TechnologyLearning Outcomes, Integrating Technology, Learning StylesVladimir SotoSanchezTechnology and Early Childhood EducationSotoSanchez_14SotoSanchez_14.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Planning, Problem-Based LearningRobert A. NowickiThe Benefits of Graded Homework in Math, Science, and Engineering EducationRNowicki_10RNowicki_10.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Planning, Experiential LearningJames A. BeaulieuThe Education of Mid-Career Army Officers: Building Competency through Professional Military EducationBeaulieu_12Beaulieu_12.pdf
Techniques & ToolsExperiential LearningMR John ShiremanThe Effect of Martial Arts Training on Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, and Self-EfficacyShireman_10Shireman_10.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TechnologyDistance Education, Electronic Media, Integrating TechnologyWilliam F. McCalmontThe Feasibility of Distance Learning with the Traditional Laboratory-Based Chemistry ClassMcCalmont_13McCalmont_13.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TechnologyActive Learning, Participation, Core Curriculum, Motivating Students, Generational Learning, InterdisciplinaryPatrick Miller & Jeremy ConnerThe Net Generation and Interdisciplinary TeachingMiller-Conner_15Miller-Conner_15.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryProblem-Based Learning, Critical ThinkingPaul L. GoethalsThe Pursuit of Higher-Order Thinking in the Mathematics Classroom: A ReviewGoethals_13Goethals_13.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Student-Centered Teaching, Motivating Students, Integrative LearningJack MorrowThe Role of Non-Cognitive Factors in Student OutcomesMorrow_15Morrow_15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsGroup WorkCPT Christopher FordThe Socratic MethodFord_08Ford_08.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TechnologyElectronic Media, Integrating TechnologyR. Bruce FloersheimThe state of the traditional textbook in the face of a technological onslaughtFloersheim_11Floersheim_11.pdf
Techniques & ToolsPlanning, Lecture, Student-Centered Teaching, Motivating Students, Student-centered Learning, Collaborative Learning, Integrative Learning, Self-directed LearningBrian ForesterThe Techniques of Teaching: A Primer for Instructors in the Department of Social SciencesForester_15Forester_15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsExperiential LearningMAJ Janis MikitsThe Use of Classroom HandoutsMikits_09Mikits_09.pdf
Techniques & Tools, TheoryParticipation, Problem-Based Learning, Motivating StudentsMark A. VisgarThe Use of the Socratic Method in Legal EducationVisger_13Visger_13.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLectureDR Paula FeketeThey That Sow “Ha-Ha” Shall Reap “Aha” Fekete_09Fekete_09.pdf
Techniques & ToolsStudent-Centered TeachingMAJ Tim JohnsonTime Management Practices in Undergraduate StudentsJohnson_08Johnson_08.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsProblem-Based Learning, Social Networking, Learning StylesRobert ChamberlainUsing Concept Maps in Political ScienceChamberlain_14Chamberlain_14.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsPlanning, Electronic Media, Motivating StudentsJames C. MachadoUsing Power to Make Your Point: A Literature Review to support the Effective and Informed Use of PowerPoint TeachingMachado_13Machado_13.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, PlanningDonna K. KorycinskiUSING RUBRICSKorycinski_11Korycinski_11.pdf
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