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Center for Faculty Excellence

Master Teacher Program (MTP)
Keyword Search Results for MTP Literature Review Papers
Techniques & Tools, TheoryPlanning, Lecture, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, MetacognitionPatrick SnyderDeveloping Character and Teaching Ethics; a Review of the Literature Snyder_15Snyder_15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Planning, Participation, Discussion, Lecture, Integrating TechnologyNathan ShowmanEfficiency in the Physical Education Setting: Maximizing Class Time and Enhancing AutomatizationShowman_15Showman_15.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLecture, Learning StylesChristopher JohnsonEnhacing Lectures with HandoutsJohnson_14Johnson_14.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLectureMAJ Ramit RingHumor in TeachingRamitrin_08Ramitrin_08.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsPlanning, Discussion, Lecture, Critical Thinking, Motivating Students, Multicultural Education, Metacognition, Generational LearningJay SharritJesus, The Master TeacherSharritt_17Sharritt_17.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Discussion, LectureRichard MetroLarge Classroom Instruction - Teaching Tips and TechniquesMetro_07Metro_07.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLectureLTC Tim SchmoyerLeveraging Rhetoric and Logic in Classroom to Teach Math, Science and EngineeringSchmoyer_08Schmoyer_08.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsPlanning, Lecture, Core Curriculum, Learning StylesJeremy GoodinLiterature Review and Analysis of Course Design for a New Core Curriculum Biology Course at the United States Military AcademyGoodin_15Goodin_15.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Participation, Experiential Learning, Lecture, Learning Styles, Cooperative LearningTyler PattersonTeaching Techniques in Physical Education:  Lecturing versus Cooperative Group-LearningPatterson_16Patterson_16.pdf
Techniques & ToolsParticipation, Group Work, Lecture, Student-Centered Teaching, Learning Styles, Motivating Students, Student-centered LearningMegan CumpstonTechniques of Teaching: A Primer for Instructors in the Department of Social SciencesCumpston_15Cumpston_15.pdf
Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Discussion, Lecture, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, Motivating Students, Multicultural Education, InterdisciplinarySaythala PhonexayphovaThe Teacher as a Moral Exemplar: Do as I Say! Not as I Do? Phonexayphova_16Phonexayphova_16.pdf
Techniques & ToolsPlanning, Lecture, Student-Centered Teaching, Motivating Students, Student-centered Learning, Collaborative Learning, Integrative Learning, Self-directed LearningBrian ForesterThe Techniques of Teaching: A Primer for Instructors in the Department of Social SciencesForester_15Forester_15.pdf
Techniques & ToolsLectureDR Paula FeketeThey That Sow “Ha-Ha” Shall Reap “Aha” Fekete_09Fekete_09.pdf
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