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Center for Faculty Excellence : MTP_Lit_Review_Index

Center for Faculty Excellence

Master Teacher Program (MTP)
Keyword Index of MTP Literature Review Papers

Literature reviews focus on a specific topic area within teaching and learning, and follow a specific (POD/NTLF) format:

  • Topic, Author Information
  • Topic Overview -- 500-1,500 words short essay describing key issues, history of practice, practice variations, beneficial attributes, controversial aspects
  • An annotated bibliography of the most influential, current, and useful resources, 50-150 words per resource (no more than 10-12 items)
  • Additional Resources --- Citations of additional print, web, or video resources, without annotation
  • The following keywords are linked to MTP Literature Review Projects from 2007-2013. They are presented here as reference examples for future MTP projects
Assessment Course Management Techniques and Tools Technology Theory
Ability Grouping Learning Outcomes Experiential Learning Distance Education Critical Thinking
Faculty Evaluation Planning Discussion Electronic Media Demographics
Student Evaluation Participation Group Work Integrating Technology Learning Styles
Lecture Social Networking Motivating Students
Problem-Based Learning Multicultural Education
Student-Centered Teaching