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Center for Faculty Excellence

Master Teacher Program (MTP)
MTP Project Search Results
collapse Year : 2007 ‎(32)
collapse Dept : BSL ‎(2)
Jeff Gribschaw, Paul Patterson, Bryan GodaACTIVE-HDL, MULTISIM, CADENCE… THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY TO TEACH CAD/E TOOLSPattersonGribschaw_07PattersonGribschaw_07.pdf
Matt ArmstrongInterdisciplinary Laboratory Learning for Chemical Engineering Students in Organic Chemistry: Synthesis, Design and SeparationArmstrong_07Armstrong_07.pdf
collapse Dept : CLS ‎(3)
COL Leon RobertClass Attendance: Mandatory or Optional?Robert_07Robert_07.pdf
MAJ Timothy HillClassroom ParticipationHill_07Hill_07.pdf
Dawn E. RiegnerTEAM TEACHING IN COLLEGERiegner_07Riegner_07.pdf
collapse Dept : CME ‎(3)
Seth Norberg“Commercial Breaks in the Classroom”Norberg_07Norberg_07.pdf
Jeff Gribschaw, Paul Patterson, Bryan GodaAC 2007-1752: ACTIVE-HDL, MULTISIM, CADENCE… THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY TO TEACH CAD/E TOOLSPatterson_07Patterson_07.pdf
Tony Jones and Grant CrawfordTeaching Mechanical Engineering to the Highly UninspiredJones_07Jones_07.pdf
collapse Dept : DEP ‎(1)
Shane Redden, Todd BurkhardtMeasuring Theoretical Continuity: Fundamental Concepts Throughout Successive Core CoursesReddenBurkhardt_07ReddenBurkhardt_07.pdf
collapse Dept : DFL ‎(2)
Daniel K. DoradoPeriodic Quizzes and Student Response Research in Basic Standard ArabicDorado_07Dorado_07.pdf
Daniel K. Dorado, Gregory R. EbnerPeriodic Quizzes and Student Response Research in LA203, Basic Standard ArabicDoradoEbner_07DoradoEbner_07.pdf
collapse Dept : DMI ‎(1)
Richard MetroLarge Classroom Instruction - Teaching Tips and TechniquesMetro_07Metro_07.pdf
collapse Dept : EECS ‎(4)
MAJ Duane Fairfax, COL Kevin Huggins, COL Bryan GodaA Deliberate Integration of Information Technology into the ClassroomFairfaxHugginsGoda_07FairfaxHugginsGoda_07.pdf
Susan K. Schwartz and Eileen M. KowalskiCollaborative Teaching Across Freshman Information Technology and Chemistry CoursesSchwartz_07Schwartz_07.pdf
MAJ Paul StantonCooperative Learning in a College Classroom: A Survey Emphasizing Individual AccountabilityStanton_07Stanton_07.pdf
Paul Stanton, Duane FairfaxEstablishing Individual Accountability for Learning in an Exam-less, Group Project CourseFairfaxStanton_07FairfaxStanton_07.pdf
collapse Dept : GENE ‎(3)
Phil DacuntoA Better Way to Illustrate Atmospheric Dispersion in the ClassroomDacunto_07Dacunto_07.pdf
Mark SmithIntegrating assessment and instruction to better improve map reading training of New CadetsSmith_07Smith_07.pdf
James F. ChastainPortents of Success: A Correlation Analysis of Cadet Achievement in Physical GeographyChastain_07Chastain_07.pdf
collapse Dept : HISTORY ‎(3)
LTC Raymond A KimballMaking History: Podcasting in the USMA World History CourseKimball_07Kimball_07.pdf
MAJ James L. Doty IIIOnline Reading: The Perceptions and Practices of Cadets in an Advanced History ClassDoty_07Doty_07.pdf
Jason PalmerReading Length and Lesson EfficacyPalmer_07Palmer_07.pdf
collapse Dept : LAW ‎(2)
LTC Shelly EconomCopyright Challenges in Higher EducationEconom_07Econom_07.pdf
COL Gary TidwellPsychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Student Motivation by Sectioning StudentsTidwell_07Tidwell_07.pdf
collapse Dept : MATH ‎(3)
Randal HickmanAbility Group Sectioning in an Undergraduate Calculus CurriculumHickman_07Hickman_07.pdf
MAJ Thomas M. Deveans, MAJ Heather JacksonAn Exploration Assessing WebAssign Using Student and Instructor Feedback DeveansJackson_07DeveansJackson_07.pdf
MAJ Jong ChungIntegrating Technology into the ClassroomChung_07Chung_07.pdf
collapse Dept : PNE ‎(3)
MAJ Geoffrey BullConstructivism and Active LearningBull_07Bull_07.pdf
Steven N. ChoPredictors for Success in PhysicsCho_07Cho_07.pdf
MAJ Chad GiacomozziQuestioning TechniquesGiacomoz_07Giacomoz_07.pdf
collapse Dept : SOSH ‎(1)
MAJ Thaddeus UnderwoodTechnology in the Classroom: A brief analysis of a core course at West PointUnderwood_07Underwood_07.pdf
collapse Dept : USMA COMMUNITY ‎(1)
Chad C. SchoolsPROBLEM BASED LEARNINGSchools_07Schools_07.pdf
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