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Center for Faculty Excellence : MTP_Search_Results

Center for Faculty Excellence

Master Teacher Program (MTP)
MTP Project Search Results
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(46)
collapse Dept : BSL ‎(2)
Melanie Wong Dodge, Diane RyanSelf-Correcting Exams: Making the Summative FormativeWongDodge_09WongDodge_09.pdf
Sam Abott-McCuneTechnology Infusion for Undergraduate EducationAbbottMc_09AbbottMc_09.pdf
collapse Dept : CLS ‎(7)
Jason LauerCorrelating Teaching Methodology and Learning StyleLauer_09Lauer_09.pdf
MAJ William EcklesDeveloping Critical ThinkingEckles_09Eckles_09.pdf
Alan WeirIncreasing Motivation and Awareness of Science in Our Everyday LivesWeir_09Weir_09.pdf
Theodore J. KaiserQuantitative Analysis of Video-Based Instruction to Enhance Understanding in General ChemistryKaiser_09Kaiser_09.pdf
Nathanial E. WatsonThe Benefits of Active Learning through Discussion in an Advanced ClassroomWatson_09Watson_09.pdf
COL Kevin McNabbUse of an Audience Response System to Evaluate and Streamline a General Chemistry ClassMcNabb_09McNabb_09.pdf
Cynthia WoodbridgeUsing Online Homework in Physical Chemistry CoursesWoodbridge_09Woodbridge_09.pdf
collapse Dept : CME ‎(6)
Andrew BellocchioApplying Physics to an Undergraduate UAS DesignBellocch_09Bellocch_09.pdf
MAJ Stephen SuhrEvaluating Student ParticipationSuhr_09Suhr_09.pdf
Nathan A. MinamiImproving Homework Effort in Engineering EducationMinami_09Minami_09.pdf
Joseph C. WalchkoNo Numbers -- Concepts Based Instruction and Testing in EngineeringWalchko_09Walchko_09.pdf
LTC Robert RabbTeam TeachingRabb_09Rabb_09.pdf
Jill N. CheneyUtilizing the Decision Matrix to Introduce the Engineering Design ProcessCheney_09Cheney_09.pdf
collapse Dept : DEP ‎(4)
MAJ Raymond DillmanDiscussion-Based Teaching Methods in English Literature CoursesDillman_09Dillman_09.pdf
MAJ S. Justin PlattGetting the Wax Out: Audio Feedback in the Composition ClassroomPlatt_09Platt_09.pdf
MAJ David WoodMultigenre Writing: A Tool to Improve Critical ThinkingWood_09Wood_09.pdf
LTC Joseph DiminickPopular Culture: A Teaching Medium for Philosophy or Into the Ipod with NeoDiminick_09Diminick_09.pdf
collapse Dept : DFL ‎(1)
John Hytten, Jorge Tapia"Teaching Languages at West Point-Balance between Literature & Everyday Skills”Hytten_09Hytten_09.pdf
collapse Dept : DMI ‎(2)
MAJ Nicholas PennolaEducation Through Video GamesPennola_09Pennola_09.pdf
MAJ Christopher KaskerThe Newest Communication Research on Classroom MotivationKasker_09Kasker_09.pdf
collapse Dept : DPE ‎(3)
Brian Imiola“To Introduce or to Reinforce?: The Role of Assigned Readings”Imiola_09Imiola_09.pdf
DR Robert GregoryStudent MotivationGregory_09Gregory_09.pdf
MR Jason SubyThe Use of Videotape Feedback in Physical EducationSuby_09Suby_09.pdf
collapse Dept : DSE ‎(1)
Suzanne DeLongTeaching Methods to Encourage Independent Learning and ThinkingDeLongS_09DeLongS_09.pdf
collapse Dept : EECS ‎(3)
Christopher L. ReitsmaEnhancing the Performance of Students in a Time-Intensive Subject within a Time-Limiting EnvironmentReitsma_09Reitsma_09.pdf
Ryan A. EbelIntellectual Development Models for Undergraduate EducationEbel_09Ebel_09.pdf
MAJ Alexander S. MentisVirtual Learning and the Tech Generation DebateMentis_09Mentis_09.pdf
collapse Dept : GENE ‎(3)
MAJ Brian DunmireBlogging in the Classroom: The State of the FieldDunmire_09Dunmire_09.pdf
DR Richard WolfelClassroom Assessment: The Confusion of Many VoicesWolfel_09Wolfel_09.pdf
MAJ Adam J. Czekanski, MAJ David-Michael P. RouxThe Use of Clicker Technology to Evaluate Short and Long Term Concept RetentionCzekansk_09Czekansk_09.pdf
collapse Dept : LAW ‎(1)
MAJ Richard MeyerVeteran Students in College Classrooms & the G.I. BillsMeyer_09Meyer_09.pdf
collapse Dept : MATH ‎(6)
Keith W. DeGregoryApplication of Student Generated Test Questions to Stimulate Deeper LearningDeGregor_09DeGregor_09.pdf
Michael HardingClassroom Research Project: A Look at Student Led Teaching How Does Teaching Peers Affect Individual Learning?Harding_09Harding_09.pdf
MAJ Hise GibsonIntegrating Facebook into the ClassroomGibson_09Gibson_09.pdf
MAJ Everett WilliamsMulticultural EducationWilliams_09Williams_09.pdf
Josh Helms, Kimberly HelmsNote Launchers: Promoting Active and Critical Reading ofMathematics TextbooksHelms_09Helms_09.pdf
Amanda BeecherUsing Portfolios In The Mathematics ClassroomBeecher_09Beecher_09.pdf
collapse Dept : PNE ‎(4)
Lynn Byers, Andrew Bellocchio, and Bobby CrawfordApplying Physics to an Undergraduate UAS DesignByers_09Byers_09.pdf
Joseph A. KlingFirst Class MeetingKling_09Kling_09.pdf
John S. DeLong, Jr.Interactive Lecture DemonstrationsDeLongJ_09DeLongJ_09.pdf
DR Paula FeketeThey That Sow “Ha-Ha” Shall Reap “Aha” Fekete_09Fekete_09.pdf
collapse Dept : SOSH ‎(3)
DR William BrechueNon-Conscious Activation of Behavior and Performance; Priming Success in the ClassroomBrechue_09Brechue_09.pdf
Travis Habhab and Eric JamisonStudent Feedback: Improving the Quality through Timing, Frequency, and FormatHabhab_09Habhab_09.pdf
MAJ Janis MikitsThe Use of Classroom HandoutsMikits_09Mikits_09.pdf
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