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Center for Faculty Excellence : MTP_Search_Results

Center for Faculty Excellence

Master Teacher Program (MTP)
MTP Project Search Results
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(41)
collapse Dept : BSL ‎(3)
Zachary J. MundellEnhancing Student Learning Through SimulationsMundell_11Mundell_11.pdf
Katie E. MatthewMultiple-Perspective Teaching for Professionals: A Look at Mid- and Senior-Level Leaders in the ClassroomMatthew_11Matthew_11.pdf
Christopher J. MidberryThe Effectiveness of Digital Reading Devices in a College SettingMidberry_11Midberry_11.pdf
collapse Dept : CLS ‎(3)
Elliott BirdAnalysis of the Effectiveness of Interactive Response Devices to Enhance Understanding of Concepts in General ChemistryBird_11Bird_11.pdf
Todd WickardDoes General Chemistry Create Intuitive, Visual, Global Learners?Wickard_11Wickard_11.pdf
Corey M. JamesMeasuring the Effectiveness of Interactive Additional Instruction in General ChemistryJames_11James_11.pdf
collapse Dept : CME ‎(6)
Jonathan A. BodenhamerDoes a Tailored Course Exam Review Matter?: Assessing the Effectiveness of Teaching Assessment Tools Used in Conjunction with Exam Review.Bodenhamer_11Bodenhamer_11.pdf
Scott Bronikowski; Christopher Lowrance; Kenneth ViallLather, Rinse, Repeat: The Effect of Replacing Homework with Periodic Quizzes in Engineering CoursesBronikowski_Lowrance_Viall_11Bronikowski_Lowrance_Viall_11.pdf
Brock E. BarryStudent Nonverbal Communication in the ClassroomBarry_11Barry_11.pdf
R. Bruce FloersheimThe state of the traditional textbook in the face of a technological onslaughtFloersheim_11Floersheim_11.pdf
collapse Dept : DEP ‎(1)
Maurice WilsonStructured, Revision Focused Collaborative Peer Review for Students in Composition CoursesWilson_11Wilson_11.pdf
collapse Dept : DFL ‎(5)
Donna HessDoes Gender Matter? Exploring learner motivation and achievement in beginning ArabicDHess_11DHess_11.pdf
Brady A. Crosier, Hongyu HuangEffective Native and Non-Native Teacher Rotation to Benefit Foreign Language LearningCrosier_11Crosier_11.pdf
Brady A. Crosier, Hongyu HuangEffective Native and Non-Native Teacher Rotation to Benefit Foreign Language LearningHuang_11Huang_11.pdf
Chyteira D. DuesEfficacy of Student Guided Instruction versus Teacher Guided InstructionDues_11Dues_11.pdf
S. Dewayne WhiteTeaching Culture in the Foreign Language ClassroomWhite_11White_11.pdf
collapse Dept : DMI ‎(2)
Douglas N. Ralph Jr.Developing Military Leaders in and out of the classroomRalph_11Ralph_11.pdf
James ReddingMillennial Influence and EducationRedding_11Redding_11.pdf
collapse Dept : DSE ‎(2)
James SchreinerCourse Design for Group Work: Foundations for Quality Technical CommunicationSchreiner_11Schreiner_11.pdf
Donna K. KorycinskiUSING RUBRICSKorycinski_11Korycinski_11.pdf
collapse Dept : EECS ‎(2)
John Syers IIITeaching Error Correction to Core IT Students via Video Supplementary InstructionSyers_11Syers_11.pdf
Thomas A. BabbittThe Importance of Using Hacker Contests and Mindset in Teaching Networks and Information AssuranceBabbitt_11Babbitt_11.pdf
collapse Dept : G3 ‎(1)
James H. Hess IICritical Thinking: Domain Specific Applications, A Review of LiteratureJHess_11JHess_11.pdf
collapse Dept : GENE ‎(3)
Andrew D. LohmanGeographic Literacy, Objectives, and Active Learning in GeographyLohman_11Lohman_11.pdf
Adam J. KalksteinPassing the Test: Is Self-Grading a Viable Option at West Point?Kalkstein_11Kalkstein_11.pdf
William WrightThe Use of Interteaching to evaluate Short and Long-Term Concept RetentionWright_11Wright_11.pdf
collapse Dept : HISTORY ‎(3)
Wilfred M. BissonHow Clio Learned: An Inquiry into Teaching Historic MethodBisson_11Bisson_11.pdf
Nadine RossReflective Writing: an Approach to Developing Critical Thinking & Proficient WritingRoss_11Ross_11.pdf
Sean McCaffertyThe Effect of a Regularly-Changing Environment on the Learning ExperienceMcCafferty_11McCafferty_11.pdf
collapse Dept : LAW ‎(1)
JONATHAN M. GROSSMotivating Students When Grades Don’t (or Barely) MatterGross_11Gross_11.pdf
collapse Dept : MATH ‎(2)
Christopher DulingImproving Conceptual Understanding and Application of Analytical Tools in Technical Courses – A Literature ReviewDuling_11Duling_11.pdf
Benjamin ThireyStudent Perceptions Regarding the Effectiveness of Daily Quizzes in Collegiate Level CalculusThirey_11Thirey_11.pdf
collapse Dept : PNE ‎(3)
Jayna ReichertOptimization of Individual Response Cards in the Physics and Nuclear Engineering Classroom: An Identification of Best Practices within the Student Learning CycleReichert_11Reichert_11.pdf
Stacy GodshallPhased-Array Homework: Used to Shape and Steer Student UnderstandingGodshall_11Godshall_11.pdf
Andrew KovanenWhere are we after 30 years of physics education research?Kovanen_11Kovanen_11.pdf
collapse Dept : SOSH ‎(3)
Benjamin MitchellHead in the Right Direction: A Model for Discussion Leader, Peer-Assessed Undergraduate Seminars in Political ScienceMitchell_11Mitchell_11.pdf
Bryan C. PriceIt’s the Student, Stupid! Testing Lowman’s Sources of Influence on College Student LearningPrice_11Price_11.pdf
Irvin OliverPowerPoint at West Point: Classroom Help or Hindrance?Oliver_11Oliver_11.pdf
collapse Dept : USMA COMMUNITY ‎(1)
Richard HallonPROBLEM-BASED LEARNINGHallon_11Hallon_11.pdf
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