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Center for Faculty Excellence : Test-Survey-Pool_Prep

Center for Faculty Excellence

Blackboard Test Generator


Using the BTG to format questions for Blackboard Learn 9.1

1. Click here to open the Blackboard Test Generator (BTG) in a separate window or tab.

2. Create your questions:

a. Type your test questions in MS Word or NotePad.

b. Format them for the BTG. (You can click here for a sample document with formatted examples of multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, matching, ordering, and essay questions).

c. Copy and paste the formatted text from MS Word or NotePad into the BTG Window.

3. Click the Generate-1.pngbutton in the BTG to format your questions for Blackboard.

4. Your formatted text will appear in the download window on the right side of the BTG.

5. Click the DL-1.pngbutton in the BTG.

6. Click Save on the browser prompt to save your formatted test questions as a .txt file. Save-1.png

7. You can also click the IV-1.pngbutton in the BTG for a Flash movie that explains the process of formatting, downloading, and saving your questions.

8. Importing Blackboard Test Generator questions into Blackboard Learn 9.pdfClick here for a .pdf file or click the IV-1.pngbutton in the BTG for a Flash movie, both of which explain the process of uploading your questions into a test in your Blackboard Course.