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Center for Faculty Excellence

The iPad Pilot Study at West Point

The iPad at West Point


Spring 2012 iPad Study Results


The purposes of the CFE/ iPad Study are to:

1.      Identify the benefits of utilizing the iPad as a device to:

(i) improve student learning and
(ii) assist an instructor in classroom management, planning, useful applications, and/or communications. 

2.      Identify specific applications and uses of the iPad for meeting education goals.


Study participants will be expected to evaluate the use of the iPad as an educational tool from the perspective of instructors, and will be expected to experiment with using the iPad as both a learning and administrative tool.  More specifically, participants will seek out applications and uses of the iPad that will help improve their teaching effectiveness.  In addition, participants will evaluate the effectiveness of the iPad as an administrative tool to accomplish course communication, calendar planning, and other such tasks. 

Pilot Participation Requirements

To be included in this study, participants will be required to:
1.      Submit an iPad Study Request Form that describes the iPad uses, study outcomes, and assessment methods.
2.      Provide a written summary of the results of their study, including suggestions and recommendations based upon their  experience in this study.

Assessment Questions

The results of the individual faculty studies will be used for a more comprehensive study that attempts to answer the following general questions:
1.      How does the instructor’s use of the iPad impact the cadet’s learning experience?
2.      How does the instructor’s use of the iPad impact his or her teaching effectiveness?
3.      If cadets had been issued iPads, how would the cadet’s use of iPads help them maximize their learning?  

In an effort to answer these general questions, the participants in the study will be asked to collect data and write a report attempting to answer such questions as:
1.      As a participant in this study, what suggestions do you have for both cadets and faculty for the use of the iPad in an educational environment?
2.      As an instructor of cadets, how would the use of an iPad help you achieve the learning outcomes of your course, if at all?
5.      As an instructor of cadets, how would the use of an iPad assist you in managing course administrative tasks? These questions will be rephrased so that they may be answered in Likert-scale form (ie:  Q#2 – “To what degree did the iPad affect your leaning experience…”, and thru anecdotal comments, and thru instructor-generated data as part of their individual studies.


 iPad Study Documents

effects-of-technology-on-learning.pdfeffects-of-technology-on-learningGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA
ipad-or-ifad.pdfipad-or-ifadGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA
iPad_in_a_Science_Teacher_Community_of_Practice.pdfiPad_in_a_Science_Teacher_Community_of_PracticeGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA
iPadStudyRequestForm.pdfiPadStudyRequestFormGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA
Paducation-iPad_as_an_Effective_Technology_for_Taking_an_Online_Program.pdfPaducation-iPad_as_an_Effective_Technology_for_Taking_an_Online_ProgramGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA
The_iPad_for_Professors.pdfThe_iPad_for_ProfessorsGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA
Assessment_on_the_Go-Surveying_Students_With_an_iPad.pdfAssessment_on_the_Go-Surveying_Students_With_an_iPadGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA
bell-labs-report.pdfbell-labs-reportGill, Patrick W CIV US USA USMA

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