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Academic Year 2014-2015

Assembly of God ​Sun ​1000 134 Old State Rd, Highland Falls
Church of Christ​ ​Sun ​1030 ​Cadet Interfaith Center, Bldg 147 ​LTC Reeves/938-2817
​Church of Christ ​Bible Study ​Tue ​1915 ​Cadet Interfaith Center, Bldg 147 ​LTC Reeves/938-2817
​Eastern Orthodox ​Sun ​1030 ​St. Martin's Chapel (Cadet Chapel) ​Fr. Frawley/201-342-7052
​Episcopal ​Sat ​1700 ​Holy Innocents, Highland Falls ​Rev Ferguson/446-2197
​Episcopal ​Sun ​1000 ​Holy Innocents, Highland Falls ​Rev Ferguson/446-2197
​Jewish Service ​Fri ​1900 ​Jewish Chapel ​CH (MAJ) Soussan/938-2710
​Latter Day Saints ​Sacrament ​Sun ​1000 ​Thayer Hall, 144 ​SFC Sparrow/446-2433
​Latter Day Saints ​Sunday School ​Sun ​1120 ​Thayer Hall, 444/442 ​SFC Sparrow/446-2433
​Latter Day Saints ​Priesthood/RS ​Sun ​1210 ​Thayer Hall, 444 ​SFC Sparrow/446-2433
​Lutheran Sun 1030 ​Old Cadet Chapel ​COL(R) Colacicco/446-8721
​Muslim ​Fri ​1200 ​Cadet Interfaith Center, Bldg 147 ​Prof Hosein/938-5591
​Protestant ​Sun ​1030 ​Cadet Chapel ​CH(COL) Sherer/938-3412
​Protestant ​Children's Church ​Sun ​1030 ​Cadet Chapel Basement ​Dr. Tinnes / 938-2959
​Protestant ​Genesis (cdts only) ​Fri ​1200 ​USCC Ch's Conf Rm, C-wing ​CH(MAJ)      /938-4246
​Protestant ​Sun ​1030 ​Community Post Chapel ​CH(MAJ) Manuel/938-3875
​Protestant ​Children's Church ​Sun ​1100 ​Post Chapel Fellowship Hall ​Dr. Tinnes / 938-2959
​Protestant ​Nursery ​Sun ​1030 ​Post Chapel Nursery ​CH(MAJ) Manuel/938-3875
​Protestant ​Sunday School ​Sun ​0900 ​West Point Elementary School ​Dr. Tinnes / 938-2959
Catholic SUMMER Schedule​ Begins 30 May 2015
Roman Catholic-SUMMER​ ​Saturday Vigil ​Sat ​1715 ​Most Holy Trinity ​CH(MAJ) Nielson/938-8760
Roman Catholic-SUMMER​ ​Sunday Mass ​Sun ​1030 ​Most Holy Trinity ​CH(MAJ) Nielson/938-8760
Roman Catholic-SUMMER​ ​Tuesday thru Friday ​T-F ​1205 ​Most Holy Trinity ​CH(MAJ) Nielson/938-8760
Roman Catholic-SUMMER​ ​Confessions (or by appt) ​Sat ​1630-1700 ​Most Holy Trinity ​CH(MAJ Nielson/938-8760
​Roman Catholic ​Saturday Vigil ​Sat ​1715 ​Most Holy Trinity ​CH(MAJ) Nielson/938-8760
​Roman Catholic ​Sun ​1030 & 1715 ​Most Holy Trinity ​CH(MAJ) Nielson/938-8760
​Roman Catholic ​Weeday Mass(Mon-Fri) ​Daily ​1205 ​Most Holy Trinity ​CH(MAJ) Nielson/938-8760
​Roman Catholic ​Confessions ​Sat ​1630 ​Most Holy Trinity
​Roman Catholic ​Rel Ed Classes ​Sun ​0900 Thayer Hall ​Dr. Lynch/938-8761
​Roman Catholic ​RCIA ​Tue ​1900 ​Rectory, Most Holy Trinity ​Dr. Lynch/938-8761
​Roman Catholic ​Sacramental Prep ​Please call for information ​Dr. Lynch/938-8761
​Roman Catholic ​Cadet Mass ​M-F ​0620 ​Most Holy Trinity
​Roman Catholic ​Cadet Confirmation ​Tue ​1900 ​Washington Hall ​Dr. Lynch/938-8761