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Frequently Asked Questions

Parish Membership: Parishioners should register as members of our community. Registration forms are available in the back of the chapel or from the parish secretary. For updating purposes, please notify us by calling (845) 938-8760 or email,  when you are departing West Point to your next duty station.

Baptisms: We thank God for the gifts of your sons and daughters. Please call (845) 938-8760 or email the parish secretary to schedule a Baptism.

We ask parents to attend a sacramental preparation session with the pastor if you have not been to one. Parents who have attended this training in the last three years will not need to attend. We suggest that you attend this session before the child is born, if possible. Please call the rectory to register for classes and Baptisms. 

Confessions: We thank God for the great gift of the Sacrament of Reconciliation / Confession. In this sacrament, Jesus the Eternal High Priest, forgives our sins and helps us become who he created us to become. Please see the home page for Confession times or upon request. 

Ministry to the Sick: Visits and Holy Communion are available daily for patients in Keller Army Community Hospital. Emergency calls are responded to at any time. Contact the on-call Duty Chaplain at (845) 401-8171 and ask for a Catholic Priest.

Marriages: Date and time should be established at least six months in advance to complete the necessary paper work and prior to making reception reservations. Please call the parish office at (845) 938-8760.

Mass Intentions: Mass cards are available at the parish office located in the rectory. No stipend is required for Mass Intentions.  Donations can be made directly to the Archdiocese for the Military Services by going to their website.

Bulletin Deadline: Tuesdays at noon by email or phone at (845) 938-8760.