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Department of Chemistry and Life Science : Infectious Diseases in East Africa

Infectious Diseases in East Africa: HIV and Malaria Research in Kenya

While disease knows no political boundaries, many diseases are regional. Infectious diseases endemic to East Africa (Malaria, leishmaniasis, and HIV/AIDS) were studied. The importance of Africa to the US has risen steadily in recent years, marked by the establishment of the United States Africa Command. Assignments to the region bring with it potential exposure to endemic disease. Malaria, in particular, is a disease that can be controlled. Cadets traveled to Kenya to gain first-hand knowledge and insight into malaria research and control efforts being conducted as a partnership between the United States and Kenya. Cadets visited the Nairobi based USAMRU-K, the Kericho, Kenya HIV research field site and the Kisumu, Kenya Malaria and HIV/AIDs field site.

Point of Contact:
Mr. Lance Richardson
Bartlett Hall Room SB10