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Laser Spectroscopy: Fiber Optically Coupled Raman Spectrometer Set-up and Calibration
  • Raman Spectroscopy is a Molecular Spectroscopic Technique
  • The Raman Effect is the loss or gain of energy of photons of light as a result of their interaction with molecular vibrations
  • This instrument uses a fiber optic probe and a 532nm continuous wave solid state laser

chem_research_laser.pngGoals to address:

  1. Raman theory and application
  2. Instrument design and set-up
  3. Calibration procedures
  4. Laser operation and safety
  5. Fiber Optics and use of Fiber Optic Probe
  6. Importance of Optical Filtering

Point of Contact:

LTC William Pearman
Bartlett Hall Room B21