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Department of Chemistry and Life Science : Metallocenes as CVD Sources

Metallocenes as CVD Sources

chem_research_cvd.pngMetallocenes have great potential as CVD sources BUT we don’t really know a great deal about the process. We know that ferrocene deposits clean iron lines when it adsorbs upright but not when it is lying down. Use in silicio methods to probe these interactions.

Use ab initio methods to model vibrational spectra of free compounds / ligands
     MCp2, MCp2*, M(C5Cl5)2 [M=Fe, Ni, Co]
     "Naked ligands"

Use ab initio methods to model bonding orientations of adsorbed systems and predict orientations adopted upon adsorption.

Learn about computational chemistry, surface chemistry, and normal mode analysis.

Point of Contact:
Dr. Cynthia Woodbridge
Bartlett Hall Room B21F