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Department of Chemistry and Life Science : Display Biographical Details

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Dr. Kevin O'Donovan

Assistant Professor
DoD Civilian

Contact Information:
Office Location: Bartlett Hall West 404
Phone: 845-938-2179

​Dr. O'Donovan teaches General Chemistry I and II.

​Dr. O'donovan's resent doctoral resarch included the study of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying nerve regeneration in order to develop novel therapies for nerve recovery after injury or genetic predisposition.

To this end, he has used conditional gene targeting in mice to make gain- and loss-of-function mutations in the MAP kinase pathway and analyze axon growth in the nervous system. He was able to demonstrate that selective expression of a kinase-activated B-RAF is sufficient to drive both developmental axon growth as well as robust regenerative axon growth in the adult CNS.
Other project he worked on involved the creation of novel mouse models for the RASopathy syndromes. B-RAF gain-of-function mice phenocopy human disease symptoms used to test the efficacy of small molecule-based therapies to delay or ameliorate symptoms.