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About Conflict and Human Security Studies (CHSS)

The CHSS program helps provide a holistic and empathetic lens to better understand the security environment. To accomplish the mission discussed above, we found that there is a critical need for both increased research and practical experience for faculty and cadets to gain deeper insights into the problem of human security. Under the direction of Ruth Margolies Beitler, Professor of Comparative Politics in the Department of Social Sciences, both faculty members and cadets have multiple opportunities to increase their understanding of the roots of conflict using a human security perspective that sheds light on the comprehensive nature of security.
We Provide
CHSS assists in a variety of conferences that are held locally here at the United States Military Academy or throughout the country. For more information regarding our part in these conferences please contact one of our poc's.

From setting up workshops to help cadets excel here at the United States Military Academy or abroad with our AIAD trips, CHSS creates an innovative and engaging workshops to educate and excite those interested in our cause. For more information please contact one of our poc's.
CHSS seeks to constantly improve upon the efficacy of cultural competency education. Through an array of studies, AIAD's, and research surveys we are continuously learning and thriving. For more information please go to the research page.

Guest Lecture
NGO Fellows
CHSS operates a rotating NGO Fellows Program. With this program, experienced NGO personnel come to the Academy for a week to teach classes, conduct seminars, assist with cadet and faculty research and work with the CHSS director to create new internships further enhancing the cross-cultural education of the cadets. For more information, please visit our Guest Lecture page.