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CHSS Research

CHSS seeks to constantly improve upon the efficacy of cultural competency education
Culture Study
Authors: COL (Ret) Gayle Watkins, Ph.D. or Dr Randi Cohen
Executive Summary of Cross-Cultural Competence and USMA Cadets
Contemporary wars have pushed the need for well-developed cultural skills lower into the U.S. Army’s ranks than at any time in recent memory. From conducting street patrols in Iraq to setting up road blocks in Afghanistan to delivering aid in Haiti, today’s lieutenants are likely to find themselves interacting closely with people from unfamiliar cultures speaking exotic languages. The Army no longer has years to groom these young officers for such cross-cultural tasks....


Human Terrain Team Trip Report: A “Team of Teams”

Prepared by USMA’s Interdisciplinary Team in Iraq
Authors: COL Cindy R. Jebb, PhD COL Laurel J. Hummel, PhD MAJ(P) Tania M. Chacho, PhD
The purpose of this preliminary paper is to provide an initial view of the value-added of Human Terrain Teams (HTTs). We acknowledge that our first deployment in this capacity will not produce the definitive study, but it has provided important contextual information and understanding required to gain a holistic perspective on the Human Terrain System (HTS) with focus on the HTTs and the complex environment in which they work. We anticipate that we will need to make follow-on trips both in theater and at CONUS training sites to gain a more comprehensive and strategic view of the program, as well as to discern longitudinal trends. 

Role and Goal Alignment:

The U.S. Military-NGO Relationship in Post-WWII Germany
Author: Major Tania M. Chacho, Ph.D., Director of Comparative Politics
History has hailed the U.S. experience in the reconstruction of Germany in the aftermath of World War II as a “success story” that epitomized the capabilities and vision of a democracy in a post-conflict environment...