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SigAct Article - ACL Project

Cadets assist with surgical prep and testing during ACL–reconstruction independent study project: Two cadets from the mechanical engineering program and the life science program turned a portion of B-level Mahan Hall into a surgical prep ward for a day as they continued working with Dr. Matt Posner (Mech Engr, USMA ’94) and Dr. Chris ______ (Life Science, USMA ’95) preparing 30 porcine femurs for a series of experiments designed to evaluate the strength of different methods of securing bone block grafts for surgery required to reconnect ACL tendons. CDT Mitch Johnson (Mech Engr ’13) and CDT Noreen Masciello (Life Science ’13) are both on the pre-med track hoping to become military doctors after graduation. Testing was completed after the surgical prep, and the cadets are working with their advisors to evaluate the data for publication of results. Evaluation of alternative methods to reconstruct torn knee ligaments can potentially benefit many soldiers since knee injuries are extremely common. Improved techniques for re-tethering the ACL could reduce the time required to heal, getting soldiers back to full physical strength much faster. This project is sponsored by the Center for Innovation and Engineering with funding from ARL through the West Point Mathematical Sciences Center of Excellence. POC: LTC Bruce Floersheim, Director, Center for Innovation and Engineering CIE),
Cadets work with Dr. Posner and Dr.________ to prepare
the bone block and patellar tendon for the graft.
Reattached tendon and bone specimen undergoing testing in an MTS tensile test machine.